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Top 10 posts about writing (2017) | allisontait.com
Posted on December 21, 2017

Top 10 posts about writing (2017) | allisontait.comIt’s time for my annual round-up of ‘most popular posts’. I have a few categories this year, including posts for readers and posts for authors, but I’m starting with posts about writing because, well, I know how much my community loves them.

So here, in descending order from 10-1, are my top 10 posts about writing for 2017.

10. Some books are harder to write than others: 7 tips for getting to The End
A terrific guest post from author Allison Rushby about finishing a manuscript

9. 6 tips for getting back into the swing with your writing
How to start writing again after a break

8. 3 ways to make yourself write when you really don’t want to (but absolutely have to)
Winning the title of longest blog post headline of the year, this guest post from author R.E. Devine really hit a chord!

7. How to edit your own writing: 5 top tips from an editor
In which professional editor Nicola O’Shea shares her thoughts on how to wrangle a manuscript edit

6. How to get the words written: 10 tips for writers
Answering the number one question I am asked by aspiring authors: ‘How do I get the words written?’

5. What publishers really want (in their own words)
A rundown of seven podcast interviews with publishers – a great way to hear exactly what publishers are looking for, from the horse’s mouth.

4. Six reasons you should start writing your novel now
This remains one of my perennially popular posts – read it and get started!

3. How to edit your own writing: 5 top tips from a writer
In which I share my thoughts on how to wrangle a manuscript edit

2. How to tell when your writing is ‘good enough’ 
I asked nine Australian authors for their answers to this perplexing question

1. 5 Brilliant Things You Can Do For Your Writing in 2017
The really brilliant thing about this post is that these are all totally brilliant things that you can also do for your writing in 2018!

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