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Posted on December 18, 2017

News + events: December 2017 | allisontait.comI sent out my December newsletter last week, full of writerly goodness, A L Tait reviews, updates and links, but, frankly, one newsletter wasn’t enough to contain all my news as we hurtle towards Christmas and the end of the year.

I’m really looking forward to a break this year, to take stock and think about what’s in store for 2018. I’ve got a couple more posts up my sleeve, of the ‘most popular post’ variety, but first, my final news, reviews and interviews update for 2017.


If you’re based on the south coast or in the Illawarra, don’t miss the Kids’ Day Out at Dapto on Thursday, 18 January, 2018. I’ll be there, giving a writing workshop for kids (and their adults if you fancy), along with a bunch of other amazing authors. This is the program (below), or you can read more about it here.

Full program for Kids' Day Out Illawarra 2018 January 18

In other news, I’m opening up bookings for my Skype Coaching sessions for 2018. If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brains about writing and publishing, book an hour of my time and let’s get into it! All details here.

And, in case you missed it, the cover for The Book Of Answers (Ateban Cipher #2) has been revealed! See it here and find out more about the book!


It’s been a busy few weeks for reviews and, I confess, this has gladdened my little authorly heart. Writing a book is such a long, solitary process that it’s beyond thrilling when someone takes the time to share their thoughts on your work.

Sarah from Kids’ Book Review described The Book Of Secrets as ‘a riveting read that hooks you in from the first page and has you connecting immediately with the protagonist and his predicament.’

Thanks to Marie McLean for her review of The Book Of Secrets: “With fast-paced action, this book will appeal to both boys and girls, as teenagers outwit villains, and possess morals and a sense of justice superior to many of their elders.”

Review The Book Of Secrets A.L. TaitI particularly love it when kids review my books. Pip (14) provided an incredibly thoughtful review for Be A Fun Mum.

“Gabe’s character is shaped during the story, influenced by his morals, the people he meets and challenges he faces. These themes resonate with teens today because development of character is extremely important in the adolescence years. It is a time when the world as we know it expands and new ideas are everywhere, so developing integrity and strength within your person is so important. It was great to see that journey exemplified on the page.”

Matilda (11) reviewed the book for Alphabet Soup, an online magazine for kids who love books and writing. ‘I loved this book because at first it seems magical and absurd … but it could actually happen.’

Thanks also to everyone who’s reviewed my books on Goodreads or Amazon this year – so much appreciated.


If you’ve ever wondered where ideas for stories come from, I’ve written a guest post for Kids’ Book Review explaining how my novels are usually based on a question and a feeling, with reference to both The Ateban Cipher and The Mapmaker Chronicles series.

The Australian Writers Centre interviewed me here, all about middle grade fiction – what is it? Who reads it? Should you write it?

And if you’re looking for last-minute book gifts for kids for Christmas, I’ve put together some terrific lists with the help of the Your Kids’ Next Read Facebook group:

12 books by Aussie authors to slip into Christmas stockings

30 brilliant books for girls

21 tried-and-tested books for 13/14 year old boys

21 Christmas book ideas for girls AND boys

And, to finish up, thank you to Hannah Davison for this wonderful image…

dogs and books


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