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Looking for details of online writing courses by Allison Tait? You’re in the right place.

When I get asked a lot of questions about a particular area of writing, I create a step-by-step, in-depth course for the Australian Writers’ Centre, so I can share everything I know.

Currently, I have four online courses on offer.


Current Courses


Build your author platform

In this day and age, every author needs to boost their profile and build a community of readers around themselves – and you need to start long before your novel comes out.

This course guides you through the process of getting started and helps you get connected.

You’ll find a course outline and all the details on how to book for the Build Your Author Platform course here.


How to make time to write

I know how incredibly difficult it is to fit your dream of writing a novel in around a full life of work, family and friends. It can feel like you need an extra hour every day.

My How To Make Time To Write course will teach you, step by step, how to create a writing habit and get the words written in the 24-hour day you have right now!

Includes the 30-Day Creative Writing Bootcamp, which guarantees you 10,000 words if you follow it each day. 

Go here for a full course outline and to book.


30 day creative writing bootcamp

How would you like to write 10,000 words in 30 days?
Yes, you! 

Well, you can with this 30-Day Creative Writing Bootcamp. Each day for 30 days, you’ll receive an email from me, guiding you through the process of creating a writing habit.

Best of all, you have access to the course for a full year, so once the 30 days is up, just reset and add another 10,000 words to your manuscript!

Full course details and bookings here.

Start today!


Creative writing quest for kids

If you have a kid who loves writing, or a kid who’d love some help with creative writing, this online, self-paced course is the one for them.

Each video module guides them through a different part of the writing process, from where ideas come from, through building a character, creating a setting, structuring a story and more.

Each week, they receive feedback on their work for that module from the AWC team and, at the end, they’ll have a complete story, on which they’ll receive personalised video feedback from me.

All course details and bookings here.

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