Podcast: So you want to be a writer

Valerie Khoo and I bring you the latest in news, opportunities, trends – and maybe even a bit of gossip – in the world of writing, blogging and publishing.

So You Want To Be A Writer?

My blog is a huge, deep well of resources for writers. If you’re a writer and you haven’t checked out my Q&A archive the Starting Out series, Social Media For Writers, or The Business of Writing, I recommend you dive in!

Now I’ve added a new level of writerly usefulness with So You Want To Be A Writer, my free podcast with Valerie Khoo, director of The Australian Writers’ Centre.

Each week, Valerie and I discuss interesting news and information from the writing world, as well as sharing writing tips and advice, links to useful writing resources, and an interview with our Writer In Residence, an established author, editor, publisher or other writing industry expert.

To give you a taste, here’s the list of interviews from our first 12 episodes:

You’ll find the full list of episodes on iTunes here or for more information and to subscribe via RSS Feed, visit the podcast page on the Australian Writers’ Centre website here.

If you’ve got a question you’d like answered on the podcast, email me!

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  1. Hi there! I recently saw your podcast about pen pals (one of the older podcasts) and I am super interested in finding someone to write letters with. I want to find a pen pal through trustworthy people instead of a site that I cannot truely trust. I was wondering if you guys knew of anyone interested in being a pen pal with me? I would love to write to anyone, but it would be awesome if I could write to a female between the ages of 18 & 24. If you don’t know of anyone, but know of another resource I could go to to find a pen pal, please let me know. Thanks so much! I am from the USA.

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