Allison Tait is an experienced and entertaining speaker for adults and children. She speaks on a wide range of subjects, including writing (for adults, for children), blogging, social media, work/life balance for writers and more, and she is able to conduct workshops for adults on writing (creative and freelance), social media, blogging and more.

Allison speaks regularly in schools and at children’s literature festivals, presenting workshops and talks, with a focus on practical and useful tips and advice to inspire kids to have confidence in their own writing. Allison’s 12-module online course for the Australian Writers’ Centre, the ‘Kids Creative Writing Quest’, is in high demand.

Appearances in recent years have included Singapore Writers’ Festival, Brisbane Writers’ Festival, Shoalhaven Readers’ and Writers’ Festival, Burdekin Readers’ and Writers’ Festival, Sydney Writer’s Festival, Somerset Celebration of Literature,  Emerging Writers’ Festival (NSW Writers’ Centre), Digital Parents Conference, Problogger Event, Romance Writers of Australia Conference, and Open Access: Selling Your Book In The Digital Age (NSW Writers’ Centre).

What people are saying

It was a delight to have Allison on the Sydney Writers’ Festival program. She’s an engaging speaker, generous with her insights and knowledge about both writing and motherhood. Her blend of inspiration and practical tips gave participants the means and the motivation to work towards their writing goals.”
Jeanmarie Morosin, Head of Children’s Programs, Sydney Writers’ Festival

“Allison was an engaging and informed speaker on the opportunities of social media at the NSW Writers’ Centre’s ‘Forest for the Trees – Writers & Publishing in 2015.'”
Julia Tsalis, Program Manager, NSW Writers’ Centre

It was a wonderful experience having Allison as Quizmaster for the 2015 Readers Cup competitions in the Ipswich region. For someone who had never seen the competition before she did an amazing job engaging with the students between rounds, filling them in on her writing process and the inspiration for her book. Afternoon visits to schools also provided students with more extensive knowledge of her writing process.  The students showed interest throughout the session and seemed inspired to read more.” Jenny Stubbs, Coordinator Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network

Allison Tait has been a valued member of the Digital Parents community since it began over four years ago. Her vast experience as a writer has made her a great source of information for new and old blogger members of the community. She has shared her knowledge generously with the community through speaking at conferences and answering questions in the community site. She is an active member of the community and continues to support other bloggers and writers through the informative articles she posts on writing and being a writer.
Brenda Gaddi, Digital Parents

Allison Tait presented as part of a panel at the Problogger Training Event in 2012 titled “Get paid to write: how to use your blog to build your brand”. The session was incredibly popular with our attendees. Allison’s knowledge on this topic was exceptional and she delivered a wealth of information in a practical way, so bloggers could leave the session with a plan of action to help them achieve their writing goals. Allison’s willingness to share the realities of freelance writing was greatly appreciated by our audience.”
Nicole Avery, Program Curator, Problogger Training Event 2012

Current workshops/topics include:

(For adults)

•So You Want To Be A Writer?

•Social media success for writers and authors

•Blogging for authors

•Build Your Author Platform

•Writing… with children: how to have a family and a novel

•Making time to write (when you think you have no time)

•Get paid to write: the secrets of freelance writing success

(For children)

•How to find ideas for stories – and what to do with them

•Find your writing superpower

•Mapping your story

•Unlocking The Story Code: 10 Keys To Writing A Great Story

•How to write fantasy

To organise a school visit, please contact The Children’s Bookshop Speakers’ Agency. For all other enquiries contact me for a schedule of fees and to discuss your requirements.

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