Maven & Reeve Mysteries

A squire with a secret, a maid with a plan, an unlikely friendship.

The wolf howl by A.L. Tait
the fire star by A.L.Tait

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the fire star

Book 1: The Fire star

Step inside the castle. The mystery awaits . . .

A maid with a plan.

A squire with a secret.

A missing jewel.

A kingdom in turmoil.

Maven and Reeve have three days to solve the mystery of the Fire Star.

This could be a complete disaster . . . or the beginning of a great friendship.

Bestselling author A. L. Tait is back with the intriguing story of two unlikely allies and a mystery to solve that could change their lives.

The wolf howl

Book 2: The Wolf's Howl

Bestselling author A. L. Tait is back with the next Maven and Reeve Mystery.

A secret mission.

A missing cook.

A hostile landscape.

A mystery to unravel.

Maven and Reeve find themselves at the far-flung and gloomy Glawn Castle while Sir Garrick secretly searches for supporters of the rebellion.

But when a cook goes missing and the Airl’s personal guards take more than a passing interest in the disappearance, danger looms and the potential for discovery grows.

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