My top 10 posts for readers (2017)

My top 10 posts for readers | allisontait.com
Posted on January 4, 2018

My top 10 posts for readers | allisontait.comHappy 2018! It’s taking me a little while to wind up this year, but I guess that’s to be expected in the aftermath of Christmas and with the school holidays in full swing.

I’ve decided to kick this year off by continuing my little series of top posts from 2017 (see Top Posts For Writers here).

This time, I’m looking at top posts for readers, mostly due to the aforementioned school holidays. With the long weeks of January stretching out ahead of us, there’s never been a better time to find a new book for your kids, right?

2017 was an amazing year for Your Kid’s Next Read, the Facebook group I co-host with the lovely Megan Daley from Children’s Books Daily, when we clocked up our 3000th member.

I’m really proud of the lovely, vibrant, helpful community that we’ve all created and it’s no surprise that most of my top posts for readers are book lists generated from the thousands of recommendations that have been shared in the group.

And here they are, in descending order to number one!

10. 5 Ways To Make Reading Fun For Kids

9. Your Kid’s Next Read: The One Book I’m Buying For Christmas

8. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson… Books To Read Next

7. 21 Tried-And-Tested Books For 13/14-Year-Old Boys

6. The One Book I’m Buying A Boy This Christmas

5. Your Kid’s Next Read: Recommended Reading Lists For Kids 10+, 12+, YA For Tweens

4. 31 Books For Tween Girls With Nothing To Read

3. Simple Book Week Ideas (from Australian authors)

2. The One Book I’m Buying A Girl This Christmas

1. 24 Books For Tween Boys With Nothing To Read

I hope you find the perfect summer read somewhere in these lists!

NB: I’ve kept my list of top 10 posts to those that aren’t about my own books, but if you’re new here and you’d like to learn more about The Mapmaker Chronicles or The Ateban Cipher, my two middle-grade adventure series, follow the links…


  1. Dianne Wolfer

    More for my summer reading list 🙂 thank you

    • Allison Tait

      Thanks Dianne!

  2. Dianne Wolfer

    some great ideas for my summer reading list 🙂 thank you

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