My top posts for writers 2020

Posted on December 9, 2020

Each year I create a round-up of my most popular writing posts, and it’s always fascinating to see what’s resonated with readers of this blog.

My top writing posts 2020 (stay tuned for a readers’ post later this week) features a couple of evergreen favourites that show up each year (How to get the words written, anyone?) but also a real shift in the direction of writing tips for kids, which I find immensely pleasing.

I’m also thrilled to see guest posts by authors Sue Whiting, Adrian Beck, Helen Scheuerer, Tim Harris, and Louise Allan, written over the past few years, featuring so prominently on this list.

I love sharing my blog with other writers and it’s brilliant to see those posts continuing to gain momentum. The right guest post in the right place can be a gift that keeps on giving for authors (see this post about how to guest post effectively for tips about this).

But you’re here for the writing posts, and here they are, a countdown to the most popular.

Top posts for writers 2020 on allisontait.com


Writing Tips For Kids: 5 top tips for creating a page-turning story


How to get the words written: 10 tips for writers


The 6Cs of writing a novel


10 things I’ve learnt from writing my debut novel


5 questions to ask yourself before writing a series


How to tell when your writing is good enough


10 writing tips you can start using today


Writing Tips For Kids: How to create remarkable characters


12 writing books for teen writers


Writing Tips For Kids: How to write funny stories


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