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best children's books 2020
Posted on December 14, 2020

It comes as no surprise to me that book lists make up the top 10 of my top blog posts for readers for 2020.

And even less of a surprise that books for the tricky 13/14-year-old age group dominates the search terms that bring people to my blog over and over again.

It’s probably one of the influences that subconsciously drove my Maven & Reeve Mystery series into the upper middle grade/lower YA section of the bookshelves.

So if you’re looking for books for young readers, particularly (but not limited to) middle-grade readers, let the countdown begin!


Small Island voices: 10+ books for kids by Tasmanian authors


12 often-overlooked children’s classics


Harry Potter, Percy Jackson… books to read next


Your Kid’s Next Read: Recommended reading lists for kids 10+, 12+, YA for tweens


24 books for tween boys with ‘nothing to read’


40 YA books for tweens (+ 25 MG books that feel like YA)


60 more tried-and-tested books for 13/14-year-old boys


15 more tried-and-tested books for 13/14-year-old boys (+ 13 expert choices)


21 tried-and-tested books for 13/14-year-old boys


20 tried-and-tested books for 13/14-year-old girls

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