Blogging: inviting readers home

Social media vs blogging for authorsI am often asked why I blog. Specifically, why, as an author, I continue to blog when I could be writing other books. I understand the question because I know how precious words are, how precious time is, and that the combination of time plus words can be SO difficult to come by.

But I always come back to the same answer. My blog is my home on the internet. Yes, I share things on Twitter and Facebook, on Pinterest and even on Google +, but this is my home.

Going to Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social media platforms is like visiting a cafe to talk to people and hang out. Blogging is inviting them home.

(As an aside, if you would like to read more about making the most of different social media platforms, see my Social Media For Writers series.)

Anyhoo, it occurs to me that I have been remiss over the past few weeks. I have been out in the world, chatting away and hanging out, and I have ignored the people who are at home. In the interests of good housekeeping then, I have created a round-up of news, information and advice from my adventures.

I went to Booktopia, and they filmed me (eek!) talking about The Mapmaker Chronicles. Anyone who understands my aversion to Instagram (and photographs of myself) will understand what an ordeal this was for me. But here it is:

I also visited (in the textual sense) Alphabet Soup mag. They asked me for my best tips for young writers, and you can read them here.

I loved this review of Prisoner of The Black Hawk by the awesome kid behind the Bookapedia blog.

And freelance writers might be interested in my career ‘game changing moment’, shared in this interview with Lisa Berson.

Today, I’m over at Writer Unboxed asking writers one important question: Are you ignoring your best ideas?

Well, that’s enough about me. Tell me about you, seeing as we’re sitting here in my home all cosy. Are you are a reader? What are you reading right now? Are you a writer? What are you working on?