Farewell, my friend

farewell procrastipup
Posted on October 15, 2023

I’ve never liked stories where the dog dies at the end. Even more so when it happens out of nowhere.

It breaks my heart, then, to share the news that we had to say goodbye to Scout (aka #Procrastipup) on Friday.

After a shockingly short, severe illness, he left us, surrounded by love and an ocean of tears. Leaving behind the very best of memories – and an aching absence in our lives.

For a solitary writer, Scout was the very best of friends.

He allowed me to be alone in company, an undemanding presence, always up for a walk when required, happy to listen to me read my stories out loud for hours.

He would muster me out the door every morning, eager to get in the car and get on with our day. And, if I left him, whether for five minutes to go to the mail box or five days for Book Week, he would greet my return with the kind of enthusiasm that every parent of teenagers needs in their lives.

Scout had many friends in the wider community, both on the streets of his home town, where The Builder and I walked him twice a day, and in the online writing world.

He was nicknamed #Procrastipup in his very earliest days with us, when I was trying to write book three of The Mapmaker Chronicles series and he was a playful puppy requiring constant supervision. It was no surprise to me when a small brown-and-white dog demanded a role in in the fourth Mapmaker Chronicles book.

Over many years, listeners of So You Want To Be A Writer and the Your Kid’s Next Read podcasts took him to their hearts, and his photogenic face never failed to induce social media love – even though he never particularly loved being photographed.

He was both the World’s Best Writing Companion and the Goodest Boy Ever.

I am bereft.

Vale Scout.


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