I wish you a full life of the everyday

I wish you a full life of the every day | allisontait.com
Posted on October 29, 2012

It’s not often that I have Big Picture thoughts while I’m slicing mushrooms. Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom, or so Shirley Conran would have it, but slicing them… well, that’s a different story.

I was concentrating on not chopping off my finger, watching the blade slice through that springy flesh, thinking about the boring Boscaiola sauce I was making. The kitchen window was open and I could feel a light breeze stirring those bits of hair that never quite manage to stay in my ponytail arrangement. Birds were doing what they do best, with a tweet/squawk/chirp orchestra in full swing outside.

The Builder was in the garage, cleaning up the mountain of sawdust he’d created whilst making wooden tomahawks for the school fete. The boys were in another room, bickering over the Wii. Or the sofa. Or something. They could Bicker for Australia at the moment, those two.

Just a Monday evening.

Just the everyday stuff.

The stuff we tend to forget about in our memoirs. The stuff we tend to overlook in our never-ending quest for ‘special’.

I think we should take the everyday stuff and hold it tight. This is the living. I know people climb mountains, swim oceans and run marathons to feel alive. But this is it. The living. The everyday stuff that constitutes 98 per cent of our lives.

I have a friend who would give a hell of a lot tonight to be doing something everyday. She would no doubt love to be at home, listening to everyday noises, thinking everyday thoughts. She is the kind of person who understands the joy of contentment. She would be willing to submerge herself in the everyday.

Instead, she is in a hospital bed, fighting an extraordinary battle.

In the dying light of the afternoon, with my mushrooms sliced and my children still bickering, I went out into my garden and took this photo. A beautiful flower bathed in golden sunlight – with a totem tennis pole in the background.

Finding the special in the everyday.

On my friend’s behalf, I challenge you to do the same. Yes, children drive us mad. Yes, washing up is boring. Yes, we have too much to do and too little time.

But tomorrow, find the positives. Yes, even in the bickering (a challenge of Mt Everest proportions if ever there were one).

I wish you a full life of the everyday.


  1. Sandra Lynn

    This post would strike a chord with me any day, but reading it today has made it all the more poignant. xo Thinking of your and your kindred online friends today xo

  2. Janelle

    This is why I love your blog so much Allison. It’s been one of “those” days, and this is exactly the attitude I felt I needed to start tomorrow off with, but sometimes it’s so hard to rally yourself. Thank you for telling me!

  3. ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

    A heart wrenching post, Al. Your friend is my dear friend and this is what I’ve been reflecting on all week…I wish you a full life of the everyday…nails it.

    We all need to be grateful and live in the fullness of life and appreciate every minute of the mundane as well as the special. We need to complain less . Yes.

    • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

      I wondered if it was this post – a gentle reminder to us all xox

  4. MummaFox

    It must be a week for reflection and the simple things. Great post. I did a similar blogging piece on Tuesday. It’s important to remember the everyday just as much as the exceptional + special.

  5. Seana Smith

    It’s been a very slow day here at Casa Catastrophe, hubby and I were in all day pottering, doing this and that, slowly. It was bliss, bliss.

  6. Nikki Fisher

    Such a beautiful post Allison thank you for writing it. There seems to me to be far too many people fighting extraordinary battles with ill health. For those of us blessed with good health, it feels only right to never take it for granted and yes count all our small blessings. Twice.
    “I wish you a full life of the everyday” is perfection. Blessings to you and your friend x

  7. Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock

    So true. Thank you for the reminder. There’s so much good out there to focus on!
    I wish your friend many well wishes. Life is too short!

  8. kim mcfayden

    A wonderful and timely post x

  9. Mum on the Run

    And thank you.
    🙂 x

  10. Anonymous

    WOW! You are so right, first time commenting but I felt like I had to. I have just spent the last hour stressing and feeling anxious over our stupid house renovation and how I think we should move to the middle of bum(*& no-where to escape it all but you are soo right – the everyday – this is what really makes us happy.
    SO i have a few extra hoops to jump through to get to the end of the reno – who the hell really cares cos it’s just the everyday things that just matter the most and I have that in spades, so thankyou for the very apt reminder…

  11. Kerri Sackville

    Beautiful, beautiful post, love. And we are all sending love to Mal and Tracy xxx

  12. allison tait

    Thank you all, for all your comments.

  13. Reannon Hope

    Makes me a little teary this post. So true. So simple yet so easy to forget …

  14. Sam Stone (A Life on Venus)

    Such a beautiful post Allison 🙂
    I wish your friend all the best too.
    I really believe in seizing the day with family, friends, life etc. Sometimes I do lose sight of this but feel so good when I realise it is the small things that matter the most.

  15. Jen R

    Oh and sending love and light to your friend xx

  16. Jen R

    Great post…love the ‘everyday’ and ‘simple’ approach to life 🙂

  17. Anna Spargo-Ryan

    A beautiful sentiment Al (although I agree with Maxabella) and a gorgeous post.

  18. Giving Back Girl

    Gorgeous Al, I leave my babies next week for a 2 week adventure, I’m breathing in my children and appreciating this lucky life I live. Wishing your friend a happy and healthy victory over her battle. Kia kaha.

  19. River

    “This is it. The Living. The everyday stuff…” You are so right.
    I enjoy the everyday, always have. It makes the moments of excitement so much better.

    Those who constantly crave more, chasing excitement, always looking for the next buzz, never satisfied with what they have, they’re the ones missing out. They fail to see the magic that is life.
    The everyday threads that weave the fabric that becomes your life story. The excitement that happens only once in a while, becomes the gold thread that highlights.

    P.S. I like washing dishes, I don’t find it at all boring. Having my hands in hot soapy water is soothing to me, and gives me the time to think and dream as I clean, rinse, dry the plates that I love so much. (Christmas gift from my daughter many years ago).

  20. Caroline

    Thanks, Alison, for beautifully written post. It’s a great reminder for us all. I don’t know your friend, but am aware of her battle via twitter. I hope she finds the strength she needs x

  21. Maxabella

    Life is never too short to stuff a mushroom. x

  22. A Farmer's Wife

    A couple of years ago I was unwell. Not life threatening but enough that I was in and out of hospital for some weeks and then bed bound for several more. What I missed the most was the little day to day things that were part of my life with my family. The bread and butter stuff that makes up the fabric of my life.

    It is easy to forget what a gift being able to care for yourself and your family is.

    I hope your friend is OK.

    Take care.

  23. Nikki @ Styling You

    We really do need to remember this and do it. Wish for the everyday. Every Day. x

  24. NessofBoganville

    Beautiful garden and beautiful post.

  25. Carli

    There is so much beauty in the everyday, sending my best wishes to your friend x

  26. emma @ frog, goose and bear

    Well put. I guess it could be seen as a cliche, but the simple things in life really are the best!

  27. Mrs Smith


  28. Lipgloss Mumma

    Al, you are so right, as usual. It’s those moments that if taken away are the moments we would miss the most. Mindfulness is about soaking them in and engraving them on our memories. I’m trying really hard each day to do so.
    Sending love and light to your friend xx

  29. Angels have Red Hair

    Wow…your words were so real…I almost felt I was there with you. What a beautiful message, it’s true we really need to take the time to appreciate the little things…the real things…they are what make up the minutes of our days. Sending my best wishes to your friend.

  30. Vanessa

    Allison, such a beautiful post. There is so much joy in the every day if we take notice (I guess not so much joy in the bickering here either), but still, it’s normality and if we keep looking for big things all the time, then I suppose the little things get forgotten. As a parent, that’s quite scary (everything’s so much scarier when you have children, isn’t it), so I shall remember your lovely words…

  31. Brenda @ Mira Narnie

    Alison i have goosebumps! what a post! i love it! it’s so easy to forget the simple pleasure, but they are exactly as you say…what makes up most of our day and lives, so we much treasure it, love it and appreciate it. Best wishes to your friend too xx

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