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Top 10 Writing Posts 2019 at allisontait.com
Posted on December 3, 2019

Top 10 Writing Posts 2019 at allisontait.comI’m getting in early with my top 10s this year, mostly because I’ve decided to have a bit of an extended summer hiatus. This one is for anyone who’s ever wondered how to be a writer.

I worked out that I’ve written around 150,000 words in 2019 – and that’s just the fiction, not the blog posts, guest posts, freelance articles, media releases, social media updates and various other bits and pieces that I write.

In addition, I’ve visited 20-odd schools, presented at eight events and festivals, acted as MS Readathon Ambassador, celebrated the 1 million downloads mark for the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast, helped create the second Shoalhaven Readers’ & Writers’ Festival – oh, and launched So You Want To Be A Writer, the book.

So, with my new novel on the way in 2020, I’m taking some time out…

I’ve got one more ‘top 10’ for readers later this week, and then I’ll be seeing you all in 2020.

But, now for the writing top 10…

Top 10 posts for writers in 2019

This year’s top 10 features only two posts that were actually written in 2019 (possibly no surprise given the above), some perennial favourites and a couple that have stormed up the annual charts out of nowhere.

I hope you find them useful!

10. 6 Tips For Getting Back Into The Swing With Your Writing

9. The 6 Cs Of Writing A Novel

8. 6 Skills You Need To Make It As A Copywriter 

7. Six Reasons You Should Start Writing Your Novel Now

6. 12 Writing Books For Teen Writers

5. What Publishers Really Want (In Their Own Words)

4. How To Edit Your Own Writing: 5 Top Tips From An Editor

3. How To Edit Your Own Writing: 5 Top Tips From A Writer

2. How To Tell If Your Writing Is Good Enough

1. How To Get The Words Written: Top 10 Tips for Writers


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