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15 favourite interviews from 1,000,000 downloads | allisontait.com
Posted on March 4, 2019

Last week, So You Want To Be15 favourite interviews from 1,000,000 downloads | allisontait.com A Writer, the podcast that I co-host with the wonderful Valerie Khoo from the Australian Writers’ Centre, ticked over a new milestone: one million downloads.

One. Million.

To mark the occasion, I thought I’d share my favourite author interviews since we began recording the podcast.

To be clear, I’ve enjoyed every single interview that I’ve recorded for the podcast. I have learnt something from every one, and have been astounded by the generosity of the authors to whom I’ve spoken.

But these are the ones that I remember the most, for a whole range of reasons. They’ve given me ‘aha’ moments. They’ve made me laugh. They’ve stayed with me.

If you haven’t discovered So You Want To Be A Writer, I hope you’ll begin your journey with these interviews.

If you’re a longtime fan, thank you so much for listening and helping us to reach such an extraordinary milestone. And I hope that perhaps you’ll have a second listen to these episodes, to see why I love them so much.

Click the author name and episode to listen/read the interview transcript.

Adrian McKinty, episode 97

I confess that I dragged Adrian on to the podcast simply because I am such a fan of his Sean Duffy crime novels, and I laughed so much during this engaging, rambling interview that I ended up an even bigger fan.

Andrew Faulkner, episode 101

This was a classic example of an interview ending up WAY more interesting than I ever expected. Andrew is a journalist and biographer and our discussion about his military biography ‘Stone Cold’ ranged far and wide.

Andy Griffiths, episode 67

How could I not include the most serious conversation about ‘bums’ I’ve ever had? Children’s author Andy Griffiths gave a masterclass on writing craft.

Anna Spargo-Ryan, episode 110

Anna is a dear friend and our discussion was part interview, part catch up. She continues to write some of the most beautiful sentences I’ve ever read.

Dervla McTiernan, episode 271

Our most recent episode and a thoughtful and incredibly engaging interview about crime novels and the double-sided nature of fortune.

Fiona Mcintosh, episode 264

“Nobody cares about your book,” says this bestselling author and that, along with some other blunt advice about the writing industry, is why this interview is a favourite.

Garry Disher, episode 196

Considered and articulate writing tips delivered in a very, very soothing voice.

Jackie French, episode 214

I think what I loved most about all the writing tips and advice in this interview was how unexpected they were. Jackie takes ‘read lots, write lots’ to a whole different level.

Karen Foxlee, episode 257

This children’s author and her ‘puddle of words’ writing process (so very different to my own) will stay with me for a long time. One of the episodes that reminded me to always stay open to other ways.

Marisa Pintado, episode 182

A really insightful look at the publishing process and the role of a publisher and editor in children’s and YA fiction.

Michael Robotham, episode 26

I’m not sure what it is about crime authors, but they really are the most personable and generous people. Michael says he looks like, and I quote, ‘a kitten killer’, but he takes us inside the daily routine and writing process of an international-bestselling author.

Nick Earls, episode 28

My overwhelming memory of this interview is that it could have gone on for days. Looking at the transcription, it was definitely one of the longer ones, but that’s because I was finding it all so damn interesting!

R.A Spratt, episode 268

Again, honesty is at the heart of this interview with bestselling children’s author Rachel (R.A) Spratt. She gives a very straight-forward insight into the business of writing for children.

Sarah Keenihan, episode 125

Science writer Sarah gave us great insight into the art and craft of blending scientific knowledge and words.

Sophie Green, episode 194

In a former life, Sophie was my literary agent, and nobody was more thrilled than I was when her debut novel went gangbusters. Our interview ranged across many topics, from the writing process to how to get published.



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  1. Belinda Grant

    In response to this post, I listened to your interview with Anna and I agree, I think so far it is my favourite. She has such lovely turn of phrase in person as well as in writing and your friendship gave it such a natural, fun vibe.

    • Allison Tait

      Thanks Belinda! I love that one too!

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