Writing for kids: how to be more creative

Writing for kids: How to be more creative

Writing for kids: how to be more creativeWhen Jamie Reeves, the powerhouse behind Blonde Mom Blog, asked me to write a guest post helping parents to encourage kids to get off technology and be more creative, I jumped at the chance.

In my usual fashion, I’ve taken a relatively unscientific approach to the article, but I think it boils down to the things that any artist or writer needs to be creative – space, time, and tools.

By space, I mean the space to be bored. By time, I mean the time to think. And the right tools are essential for any project, so why would writing be different?

But I added one more thing: control.

For parents, it’s about controlling screen time and, with that, the constant stimulation that kids carry around in their pockets.

For kids, writing offers a level of control they get nowhere else in life. When you write, you control the whole world of your story. Nothing happens unless you want it to. The bad guys always get their comeuppance (if that’s what you want). The good guy always has the wittiest retort to any playground insult.

When you explain it like that, you can see a kid’s eyes light up.

You can read the full post here: 5 tips to help get kids creating (not consuming)