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Posted on April 14, 2014

mapbackgroundLast Friday I pressed send on my monthly newsletter, which included this little update:

“I’m beyond excited to announce that the first novel in my three-book middle-grade fantasy/adventure series will be published on 14 October, 2014 by Hachette Australia, with books two and three to follow in March and October, 2015.

Yep. Three books within 12 months. You can see why I had to write this post about being Missing. In Action. And if you’ve been following along with my #writeabookwithAl hashtag on my Facebook page, you’ve been watching my progress firsthand!

I’m looking forward to sharing more details about the series, which is aimed at 10+ readers, in coming months, including titles and covers as they come to hand. I hope you’ll share the adventure with me!”

I am loving writing this series, more than I could ever have imagined. I have fallen hard for all my characters and am really enjoying, er, torturing them guiding them through a series of adventures. I’ll introduce you to them all as the launch date grows nearer, but for now I must focus on what is turning out to be my busiest writing year ever. Which is saying something.

The series grew out of a chat I had with Mr10 one night. And took on a life of its own when I asked myself, “What if?”.

Never underestimate the power of those two little words.


  1. Charlie

    Finally something for me!
    You could be A.T. Rowling.

  2. Christie-Childhood 101

    Such exciting news! Look forward to hearing more 🙂

  3. Sam Stone (@A Life on Venus)

    I am just so happy for you Al 🙂
    And you are right, “What if”
    I can’t wait to read them too. xo

  4. JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    Your news in my newsletter inbox made me smile. Congrats Al. I’m over the moon for you. 🙂

  5. Georgia

    Go Allison! Cannot wait to read! X

  6. Alison

    Oh my goodness – that is FANTASTIC news!! So pleased for you. You must be over the moon!

    • Allison Tait

      Thank you! I am! (Also nervous, but we’re not talking about that.)

  7. Merrin Ross

    Fantastic Allison! Wish I had some grandchildren to enjoy them, might just have to read them myself 🙂

    • Allison Tait

      I’m sure you’ll love them Merrin. We can turn them into a musical…

  8. Trish

    Congratulations Al- timing will be great for my lads.

    • Allison Tait

      Oh, that’s great, thanks Trish! Hope you’re feeling well! x

  9. Kelly Exeter

    Where’s the like button on this post?!

    • Allison Tait

      If only life came with a ‘like’ button.

  10. Clare Caldwell

    Right Al, I need to pick your brains. Am in the middle of a PhD on Young Adult fiction and the male adolescent!

    • Allison Tait

      Well, that sounds like fun… 🙂

  11. Rae Hilhorst

    Congratulations, I can’t wait to see what you’ve written, your children would be the perfect audience. A very special time for you and your family xx

    • Allison Tait

      It is Rae – thank you! The boys are thrilled!

  12. Karen

    Congratulations, Alison! Looking forward to hearing about the series!

  13. Gabrielle Tozer

    Congrats Al! Seriously brilliant news! Can’t wait to read them x

  14. Lila

    So exciting! Congratulations!

    • Allison Tait

      It IS exciting! Thank you.

  15. Emily

    So very exciting. Congrats Al. Can’t wait to read them!!

  16. PlanningQueen

    Excellent news! Look forward to more updates.

    Nic x

  17. Kym Campradt

    Congratulations! That is fantastic news. So happy for you and can’t wait to hear when they’re out.

    • Allison Tait

      Thanks Kym – I’ll keep you posted!

  18. Monique @Write Note Reviews

    Fantastic news – I love that these grew out of little comments with Mr 10.

    • Allison Tait

      You never know where inspiration is going to come from…

  19. Sarah Ayoub

    Congrats Allison! So thrilling after following your updates on Facebook. Best wishes for the three books in one year – I can’t wait to jump on the next #writeabookwithAl bandwagon. Claps + Good Wishes xxx

    • Allison Tait

      I’ll be back again soon. Book three awaits attention…

  20. tanyia

    That is such wonderful news Allison – congratulations! I have 2 boys of the right age so look forward to giving them your books.

    • Allison Tait

      Terrific Tanyia – I hope they love them!

  21. Tea Cooper

    Fabtabulous news! October is definitely going to be a special month – we will be release buddies. I have a 1920s romance coming out with Harlequin Escape that month! Slightly different target market!!

  22. Alexa Moses

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to read it!

    • Allison Tait

      Thanks Alexa! Yours first!

  23. Katie (@mumabytes)

    Congratulations, Allison! I’ve been following your updates on Facey and looking forward to seeing what you were working on – what a huge job, but how much fun it must be! Keep up the great work 🙂 Katie xx

    • Allison Tait

      Thanks Katie – the Facey cheersquad had been VERY helpful!

  24. Naomi Ellis

    How exciting Allison! You are going to be super busy but in the best way possible. Looking forward to following your book journey this next year. N x

  25. Leah

    Congratulations! That’s very exciting news – not least since I have two readers in your target audience. Everything IS awesome!

    • Patrice Wohlnick

      Awesome news Al. Congratulations and have lots of fun writing. x

      • Allison Tait

        Thanks Patrice!

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