Nice weather for … talking about the weather

Every conversation I have had today has involved the weather. Every single one. The boys and I woke up and had one of those ‘gosh, gee whiz, it’s raining’ kind of conversations.

I dropped them at school and called The Builder. We had one of those ‘good grief, how wet is it?’ kind of chats.

I went to a cafe, and was asked if I’d removed my flippers at the door.

I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen for ages. Opening gambit: “Nice weather for ducks!” (Yes, really.)

I called a contact from the car. “Is it pouring in your neck of the woods?” (Sorry, I can’t help it.)

I went home and decided I would not post a Facebook update about the weather. And I didn’t. Well, not really…

Then I went out into the backyard. And discovered a river running through it. And a frog pond that had grown to Olympic-pool-sized proportions.

So I gave up immediately, took the image you see with my little duck friend, and decided if you can’t beat them, join them.

How about this weather???????

*Just a reminder to all friends of Fibro that we are holding a live Facebook chat with the fabulous Graeme Simsion, best-selling author of The Rosie Project, tomorrow night (Tuesday 25 June) at 8pm. All questions about writing, reading and books welcome. Come one, come all! Details here.