Prisoner of the black hawk

Shortlisted: 2015 Aurealis Awards

Named: Readings Top 10 Middle Fiction Books 2015

Mapmaker Chronicles: Prisoner of the black hawk

THE Mapmaker chronicles (#2)
Prisoner of the black hawk

After being betrayed by a fellow scribe, Quinn is captured by ruthless explorer Juan Forden, who will stop at nothing to beat the Verdanians. On board Forden’s ship, the Black Hawk, Quinn struggles to outwit his captors, makes new enemies and unexpected allies, and encounters bloodthirsty pirates.

Prisoner of the Black Hawk continues the story that began in The Race to the End of the World. The story is filled with a wonderful sense of old-fashioned adventure with sword fights, narrow escapes, daring plans, betrayed trust and the exciting discovery of new people, ideas, animals and places.

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THE MAPMAKER CHRONICLES is a four-book epic adventure series for kids 9+ about a race to map the world – and a boy who really doesn’t want to go. It’s about facing the unknown, finding your feet and figuring out who you are. The series is available in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Lithuania and Turkey. You can find more details here.

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