Books, links and videos to help unlock the secrets of the Medieval manuscripts, monks
and monasteries that inspired The Ateban Cipher novels.

The Book Of Kells

Like all of my novels, The Ateban Cipher was inspired by a question and a feeling (you can read more about that here in FAQs), but it’s underpinned by a deep curiosity about beautiful old books.

Illuminated Medieval manuscripts to be precise.

Just like The Book Of Kells (left), which I travelled thousands of kilometres to see (and was devastated not to be able to take home!).  So I’ve put together these resources, hoping to spark your curiosity too!


You can find more information about MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPTS HERE:
If you’d like to do more reading about old books, ciphers, illuminated manuscripts and life in the middle ages, you might be interested in some of these books:


THE BOOK OF SECRETS and THE BOOK OF ANSWERS make up the exciting and thought-provoking ATEBAN CIPHER duology. When Gabe is handed a mysterious book by a dying man, he must leave behind the only life he has ever known at Oldham Abbey and flee into the deep, dark forest – where he finds some unlikely allies. As he navigates the outside world, Gabe discovers adventure, friendship and secrets – some of which are his own. The series is available in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. You can find more details here.

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