Your Kid’s Next Read podcast celebrates 150 episodes

Your Kid's Next Read podcast reviews
Posted on April 9, 2024

As usual, I’m late to my own party because the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast celebrated 150 episodes on March 27th and here I am sharing the news right before episode 152 drops tomorrow.

You can listen to episode 150 here.

I’m sure you’ll be unsurprised by this situation – after all, I’m a known under-celebrator from way back – but I’m feeling bad about this one.

The truth is, I’m really proud of this podcast.


Your Kid's Next Read podcast


My co-host Megan Daley and I began the podcast as a natural extension of the Your Kid’s Next Read Facebook community, which we founded in 2017, along with author Allison Rushby.

We thought the podcast would give a voice to the conversations and engagement from our thriving group – and it turns out we were right.

At the time the podcast began, I was still co-hosting the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast with Valerie Khoo, and I loved doing both, but I’d been with SYWTBAW for seven years and I was, frankly, tired.

My first love is children’s literature and I was watching the spaces given over to the discussion and promotion of Australia’s children’s literature shrinking.

I was also watching our literacy rates and results dropping, and an increasing number of desperate parents/carers/educators/other interested parties flocking to the Your Kid’s Next Read community to try to find ways (and books) to keep their kids interested in reading.

So I decided to focus on the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast and I truly believe that Megan and I have created something special.

Yes, we discuss children’s books (from board books to YA), reading, and writing, but our conversations (the Quality Waffle) take us upwards, downwards and sideways into parenting, teacher-librarian life and advocacy, education, honey, cooking, gardening, the joys (and challenges) of teens, our wonderful author interviews and so much more.

If you haven’t yet had a listen, it’s a great time to jump on board.

And if you are a part of our community of listeners, thank you SO much for being part of our conversations.

We love that we go walking with you, and fold the washing with you, and ferry the kids around with you.

We love it when you talk back to us via reviews and via the Facebook community.

We love making Australian children’s literature a part of your week.

Even if we do forget to celebrate that sometimes…


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