Bookish Gifts for Kids and Teens

Bookish gifts for kids and teens
Posted on November 2, 2023

I love a bookish gift – something book-related, but not necessarily a book.

(Don’t get me wrong, I love the books too. Give me all the books.)

But I don’t think you can go wrong with a bookish gift for kids and teens. Something to add to that teetering pile of gaily wrapped books, or to encourage a lifelong connection with reading.

So, to save you time this festive season, the Your Kid’s Next Read team has trawled through our favourite websites to find bookish gifts for kids and teens. I would have loved to have received any of these as a young person… actually, I’d be pretty happy to receive most of them now.

Happy gift giving!


Bookish gifts for kids

Little Book Gift Pack 

Bookish gifts for kids and teensThese cute little gift packs for babies include a board book and a soft rattle, with five different book titles to choose from.

$49-59 (inc Australian postage), from The Book Basket Company.

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Miniature Library Craft Kit

Bookish gifts for kids and teensThis Miniature Library craft kit for kids 8+ is a book-lover’s dream. It includes everything you need to cut-out, fold and glue a complete collection of tiny books, as well as a little bookshelf to press out and construct.

Full instructions are included, and even the box itself transforms into the perfect setting for your itty-bitty books. Or, you know, Barbie’s house.

$36.99, from Book Geek. (Use code YKNR for 10 per cent off any time, not valid in conjunction with other codes.)

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YKNR Book Bag/Tote

Bookish gifts for kids and teensEndorsed by celebrity teacher-librarian Megan Daley, the Your Kid’s Next Read tote is the perfect library bag for primary school kids.

Plus, we donate 10 per cent of profits to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, so it’s the gift that give twice.

$14.95, from Tilly & Wilbur.

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Decision Maker Coin for readers

Bookish gifts for kids and teensI can think of a few adults who could use one of these, but I can also see them being the perfect gift for kids – and their parents – when it comes to bedtime reading.

On one side the coin says ‘one more chapter’. On the other, ‘go to bed’. A fun stocking stuffer!

$23.99, from Book Geek.

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Book Ends

Bookish gifts for kids and teensHave you ever wanted to climb inside a book?

These gorgeous metal book ends by Peleg Design will appeal to anyone who’s ever dreamt of walking into their favourite stories, and are perfect for a touch of whimsy in a child’s bedroom.

$49.95, from Quirksy.

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Magic Journal

Bookish gifts for kids and teensI’m sorry, but a secret notebook, with lock, AND a magic invisible ink pen? In one handy package? Eight-year-old me is beside herself right now.

There are several different designs to choose from for kids 5+ – from fairytale, to animals, to adventure island – and I love that journals like these encourage writing from the heart.

$16.99-19.99 by Djeco Kids Stationery, from The Little Kidz Closet

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Reading Blanket

Bookish gifts for kids and teensThe festive season in Australia is not generally connected with blankets, I know, but the weather is so changeable at present that a Reading Puppy Snuggle Blanket will never go astray.

Encourage kids to curl up with a book (there’s a kitten version as well).

$49.99, from Be More Bookish.

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Boffins Backyard Craft Kit

Bookish gifts for kids and teensCreated by bestselling Australian children’s author Andy Geppert, this little box of outdoor goodness contains a signed copy of ‘Backyard Buddies’, a flower press OR Moleskine notepad, a container of vegetable seeds for attracting ladybugs and some flower seeds to bring in the butterflies.

Plus, the fully recyclable packaging is covered in blueprints and instructions to transform the box into a pair of cardboard binoculars, some cubby house bunting, merit badges and a bow tie. Super cute, as well as encouraging outdoor adventures.

$55, from Andy Geppert.

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Colouring Book

Bookish gifts for kids and teensAlison Lester is one of Australia’s most beloved illustrators, and her ‘Wonderful World’ colouring books allows children to put their own stamp on her work.

$19.99, from alisonlester.com

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Ultimate Reading Challenge For Kids

Bookish gifts for kids and teensReaders will love everything about this portfolio, which offers challenges and bookish prizes to encourage, well, more reading. But it’s just as perfect for kids who have yet to discover the full joy that books can bring.

The pockets and packets inside the folder offer 15 reading challenges, from ‘read outside’ to ‘watch a movie based on a book’ and everything in between. Once the challenge is completed, young readers get to discover the prizes contained inside – and they’re decent prizes, from bookmarks, to stickers, to bookplates and more.

I bought the adult version of this challenge – for research purposes, you understand – and can confirm that, once again, 8-year-old me would have been in seventh heaven at the very idea.

$45.25, by Weldon Owen from Booktopia. 

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Children’s Illustrator Art Prints

Did you know that many of Australia’s finest illustrators offer prints and original works of art for sale, framed and unframed? As far as stunning book-related gifts for kids go, artworks may be hard to beat.

Here’s a selection we’ve found – if the specific artwork we’ve linked to is no longer available, check out the artist’s shop link for other options.


Jess Racklyeft print

Bookish gifts for kids and teens‘Bear and Balloons’, Giclee Print, by Jess Racklyeft 


More at Jesses Mess (Etsy Shop). 



Sami Bayly print

Bookish gifts for kids and teensA3 Atlas Moth Print by Sami Bayly


More at Sami’s website.



Anna Pignataro original artwork

Bookish gifts for kids and teens‘Little Hedgehog Finds A Ladybug’ by Anna Pignataro

Illustrator Anna Pignataro sells a variety of original artworks through Wily Woods Studio on Instagram. It’s absolutely worth following if you love her beautiful work.

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Aura Parker print

Bookish gifts for kids and teensBowerbird Blues’, Giclee Print, Collector by Aura Parker


More at Aura’s website.



Bookish gifts for teens


Stationery Box

Bookish gifts for kids and teensI connected with Kim from Betty Mae Wrote in the very earliest of my blogging days and, frankly, her limited-edition stationery boxes and subscriptions make my mouth water.

This Birdie Stationery Box, for instance, is the perfect collection of the kinds of bits and pieces that paper lovers cannot resist – writing paper, envelopes, cards, a note book, a pencil, a cute wax stamp, pretty wax, tea and more! And gorgeously illustrated by Kim’s son Lew to boot.

But if this one is sold out, there is ALWAYS something else.

$45, from Betty Mae Wrote.

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Bookish Tee

Bookish gifts for kids and teensThere’s nothing a bookish teen likes more than smart words – and if you can have them on a t-shirt, all the better.

The collection from Be More Bookish offers some great options, but I chose this one because it pretty much sums up my life and the lives of most bookish teens I know. But there are more, so have a look!

$29.99, from Be More Bookish.

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Book Light

Bookish gifts for kids and teensMegan and I are often asked about keeping teens reading, and the ‘reading before bed’ habit is an essential one to foster. But when your eyes are tired, a good book light is also essential.

This amber book light is often recommended by YNKR members. It emits zero blue light, meaning it won’t keep them up all night, is rechargeable and is good for at least 16 hours of brightness at three different levels.

$34.99, from Readings.

Amber book light (often recommended by YKNR members

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Book Pins

Bookish gifts for kids and teensWe’re not sure what it is about teens and pins, but there’s a connection – and Jubly-Umph is generally regarded as having one of the best collection of bookish pins around.

Collect them all!

$16.95, from Jubly-Umph.

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Bookish gifts for kids and teensYes, there are a lot of different bookmarks around, but we particularly liked these simple leather ones for teens. This one says ‘To Be Continued…’, and isn’t that a message we could all keep close to our hearts?

You might prefer ‘today a reader, tomorrow a leader’, ‘fell asleep here’, or ‘oh, the places you’ll go’.

$15, from House Of Sam

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Bookish gifts for kids and teensMy sons joke that Christmas becomes a ‘socks and undies’ event once you hit your teens, and it’s true that stocking stuffers may have become a lot more practical after primary school. But that’s not to say they can’t be fun!

These Out of Print socks function as both practical footwear and a regular reminder to your teens!

$16.99, from Love Your Bookshop.

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The Ultimate Reading Challenge

Bookish gifts for kids and teensSorry, I couldn’t resist. The adult version of this reading challenge is perfect for bookish teens. Lots of fun and it reminds them to read outside their comfort zone as well (which is essential for their writing).

There are 25 reading challenges and prizes in this version.

$49.99, from Booktopia (on sale for $29.25 at the time of writing)

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Books: always perfect for kids and teens

I couldn’t create a list like this and not also remind you that books are always perfect gifts for kids and teens. Portable, easily wrapped, and portals to other worlds.

What Megan and I have anecdotally observed over the years, and discuss regularly on our podcast, is that children who are pegged as readers get books for every occasion.

But reluctant readers do not – and it’s reluctant readers who really need the encouragement of consistent and sustained effort to help put them in touch with the stories that unlock the magic of reading for them.

Keep trying. Think about the things they love to do and then try to find books that are adjacent to those interests. Remember, those books might be non-fiction, graphic novels, or audio books.

Need help? Join the Your Kid’s Next Read Facebook community where there are 30,000+ members ready to offer suggestions, no matter if your child or teen is interested in slugs, calligraphy, typewriters, dictionaries, fairies, dragons or trucks (all real examples).

Here are some lists to get you started, but there are more here at yourkidsnextread.com.au.

15 Amazing Australian Novels for Readers 10+

100+ Books for Tweens Full of Mystery, History and Adventure

60 more tried-and-tested books for 13/14 year old boys

We hope this helps!


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