My 3 writing superpowers (and how to help kids find their own)

helping kids find their writing superpowersJust a quick note to let you know that I’ve got a guest post over here today, with the lovely Deborah McCallum, who is an author, writer and educator based in Ontario, Canada.

The post is all about helping kids to find their writing superpowers, and is based on one of the talk/workshops that I offer when I do my author visits to schools. The idea is that there are lots of writing superpowers and that if kids can identify one or two of their own, it gives them confidence to explore different aspects of writing.

And, in case you were wondering, when the kids ask me, I tell them I have three writing superpowers:

• I write faster than a speeding bullet

Writing professionally for years has given me the ability to get my thoughts on the page very quickly and to write lots and lots of words in short periods of time.

• I have my own, distinctive Batman voice

I write the way I speak, only better. If people who know you can hear your voice, hear you talking, when they read what you’ve written then you’re on the right track.

• I have supersonic hearing

I listen really hard to what’s around me and take the things that people are talking about and turn them into stories. (See here for the inspiration behind The Mapmaker Chronicles series.

Read the full post here for a list of writing superpowers and how you can help your kids to identify their own.

What’s your writing superpower?