Gearing up for a book launch… and waiting

Posted on February 26, 2015

The Mapmaker Chronicles A.L.TaitWith just over four weeks until the launch of Prisoner of The Black Hawk, book two in The Mapmaker Chronicles series, I’m in full preparation mode. Or not.

It’s a difficult thing to prepare for, I’ve discovered – particularly with memories of the launch of book one so fresh. Six months is but the blink of an eye in publishing!

Having said that, I do feel better prepared this time. For starters, I have answers ready for questions such as ‘What was your favourite book as a child?’ and ‘Which writers have most influenced you?’ – both of which flummoxed me the first time around.

I’ve also realised that a writer who is both writing and promoting books at the same time needs one major thing in her life: a wall planner. Yes, I’ve gone over to the dark side, with only highlighter pens to light my way…

I’m very excited about sharing the second book in the series. I loved watching Quinn grow as I wrote Prisoner of The Black Hawk, and I hope that readers will, too.

In the meantime, all I can do is to finish the edits on book three (yes, I know how it all ends) and… wait.

Fortunately, I learned very early in my writing career about the importance of waiting. It really is the unacknowledged skill in every author’s toolkit, and one of the hardest lessons to learn.

But practice makes perfect…

If you hate waiting, you can pre-order your copy of Prisoner of the Black Hawk here.


  1. Erin

    Counting down here. I got our library to order your book:) (though my son now tells me I have to buy our own copy:) and reading it aloud of a night to the whole family, (husband is loving it as are kids) Though 15yr old son sneaked off with it and read ahead, he’s now counting the days till your next book:)

  2. JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    Oh I’m so excited about the wall planner and highlighters! Oh and of course the book. Of course. xx

  3. Chris Bailey

    I’m reading Book 1 now–very entertaining. I have a question: do you pronounce Mam like Ma’am? Also, I’m adding your common questions to my writer’s hope chest. Thanks for all the stories!

    • Allison Tait

      Hi Chris, glad you’re enjoying it. Mam is pronounced just like Mum but with an a (so short vowel sound). And yes, think up answers to those questions immediately! A

  4. Maxabella

    So much waiting… x

    • Allison Tait

      And I’m SUCH a good waiter…

  5. Cassie

    Congratulations Allison! This all must be such a thrill for you. I think it’s a great example of karma; you’ve been so generous with your writing knowledge… and now you are reaping so lovely rewards.

    • Allison Tait

      Thanks so much Cassie – and yes, it is thrilling! I’m even learning to love my new friend the wall planner – and I never thought I’d say THAT!

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