Feathers, fishnets, and false eyelashes

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Posted on November 25, 2013

1452098_551193158308897_675418937_nAfter a huge weekend, it’s all over. Two shows, millions of nerves, and we’re done. When I walked on stage for the technical rehearsal on Saturday, I stared out at all the empty seats. They seemed so … close. By the time the first performance came around later that day, I didn’t even notice them, so far inside my own head was I.

Standing in the wings, someone asked if I was nervous. I explained that it felt like transition phase of labour – you desperately want to go home but there’s a sense of inevitability to it all.

I was vaguely aware of noise out there, people sitting, waiting, expectant. But with all my senses keenly attuned for the opening note, and the opening words of my song going round and round in my brain, the audience disappeared into the background.

I don’t really remember the actual performances. What I remember is the anticipation backstage, reapplying my red lipstick over and over, wondering if I’d actually manage to distinguish myself by falling off the stage this time (my recurring nightmare for the past two weeks).

I met some fabulous people. I got to wear to false eyelashes (attached, with a bucket of glue, by someone with a steadier hand than mine), fishnets and a feather boa. I was introduced to various permutations of the ‘sexy duck face’, now own my own pair of chorus shoes and, frankly, just had so much fun.

And I know that I can sing in front of several hundred people at a time and not crumble into a heap. Which should make merely speaking in front of people an absolute doddle in the future.

Seriously, what’s not to love?

Image courtesy of Dennis Ross (Yes, that’s me in the pic, with my fabulous 1920s nightclub co-singers Lacey and Tam, and the Big Band)


  1. Maxabella

    You’re just so brilliant, Al. I’m so impressed that you were part of this. Go you! x

  2. The Wholefood Mama

    Congratulations Allison. A great reminder to us all to do things – just for fun!

  3. Margie Wittmann

    Love your description performing Allison… We had so much Fun, Fun, Fun 🙂

  4. Shirley from Rhubarb Whine

    Oh how wonderful. Seriously, I think I would have imagined myself as an older, curvier Phryne Fisher and batted those lashes for all it was worth 🙂

  5. Sam Stone

    You are amazing! LOVE the outfit.

  6. river

    I’m so glad you had fun doing this. I’ve always liked the idea of being on stage, but not if I had to speak or sing.

  7. Kym Campradt

    Love it! Very glad you didn’t fall off the stage.. Maybe if you get nervous at your next speaking engagement, just throw on the boa and perform it in song! That’ll get their attention 🙂

  8. Helen K

    That’s fantastic – well done!

  9. Margaret

    Well said Alison …….

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