My top 10 favourite podcast interviews 2020

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Posted on December 17, 2020

If you follow this blog regularly, you’ll know that one of my favourite things about doing the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast, beyond getting to chat to my co-host Valerie Khoo every week, is the author interviews that we feature each week.

There’s a lot to be said for picking the brains of brilliant authors in our podcast interviews.

I thought it only fair, then, to bring you a list of ten of my favourite podcast interviews for 2020. This was a tough list to make because it’s been a great year for author interviews on So You Want To Be A Writer, but I’ve done my best. Click the episode number link to find the interview transcribed, as well as a link for you to have a listen to the whole thing.

It’s also worth noting that this list comprises only authors interviewed by me. I also have ten favourite interviews conducted by Valerie, but I thought I’d leave that list to her.


Top 10 favourite author interviews for So You Want To Be A Writer podcast 2020

Kate Simpson, episode 324

I loved Kate’s beautiful picture book Anzac Girl: The War Diaries of Alice Ross-King’ and really enjoyed the discussion around the process of bringing this incredibly personal perspective on history to publication.

Clare Bowditch, episode 325

I think our listeners fell in love with Clare right around the time she opened up her DMs to anyone who needed help. Super charming, witty and engaging.

Katherine Kovacic, episode 334

Art, mystery and taking a chance – Katherine’s story has it all!

Imbi Neeme, episode 335 

Having met Imbi at a blogging conference 10+ years ago, I’ve been following her journey to publication for a long time and it gave me such pleasure to discuss her debut novel with her!

Gus Gordon. episode 338

In an unusual set of circumstances, Gus and I spoke over video link and, being an illustrator as well as an author, he kept holding up visuals to reinforce his points. I’m only sorry that the podcast listeners couldn’t see them because his notebooks are a joy to behold.

Jeff Apter, episode 343

Music writer and biographer Jeff Apter took us inside a meeting with Aretha Franklin… and a lovely reference to The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough.

Adrian Beck, episode 344

Adrian writes funny, madcap chapter books for kids – and our interview went along much the same lines. Listeners in our recent podcast survey voted this episode one of their favourites.

Monica McInerney, episode 363

For the highs and lows of author life delivered with a huge dollop of charm, don’t miss this one.

Meg Keneally, episode 367

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to write a book with Tom Keneally, this one is for you.

Lian Tanner, episode 369

If you’re struggling to get inside the head of your character, Lian’s journey of creating a mystery-solving chicken will have plenty of clues for you!


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