Teachers’ Notes: The Book Of Secrets

Teachers' Notes for The Book Of Secrets by A.L. Tait
Posted on October 9, 2017

Teachers' Notes for The Book Of Secrets by A.L. TaitAs an author, teachers’ notes are a surprisingly exciting thing. I love seeing what a specialist reader makes of my books and how they tie them to the various aspects of the Australian curriculum, allowing kids to explore them in an entirely different way.

I feel extraordinarily lucky to have had Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright, a highly respected and award-winning expert in children’s literature, publishing history and Australian fiction, create a terrific set of teachers’ notes for The Book Of Secrets, incorporating discussion points, activities, websites for further research, and more.

Perfect for classroom teachers, teacher-librarians, home educators, or anyone interested in a deeper reading of the book.

Dr Sheahan-Bright concludes: “This is the first in The Ateban Cipher series, which is bound to become a firm favourite with readers. Gabe’s journey to discover the secret of the book is likely to change not only his life but also those of the five people he travels with – Gwyn, Merry, Scarlett, Midge and Eddie. They have formed an unlikely friendship, given their varied backgrounds, skills and temperaments, which promises to make their further journey together an extremely lively and rollicking adventure.”

You’ll find the teachers’ notes for The Book Of Secrets here.

Bonus: find the teachers’ notes for The Mapmaker Chronicles here. 


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