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News and events A.L. Tait July 2017
Posted on July 3, 2017

News and events A.L. Tait July 2017The school holidays are underway, which means less headspace for writing but more time to get my house in order. As a work-at-home mum, I usually find the best way to manage my stress levels during this time are to simply come to terms with the fact that I’ll get less work done – and to plan for that accordingly – but to fit in other housekeeping tasks where I can.

On the list are things like:

A) tidy my workspace so that it looks something I could possibly share for a ‘where I write’ meme (at present, you’d be hard-pressed to find my desk)

B) continue to update the back end of my blog, organising eight years of blog posts into something vaguely approaching order

C) posts like this one, in which I’ll bring together all the bits and pieces of news I’ve shared on social media.

To whit, here are some updates you may or may not have missed.

The Mapmaker Chronicles has launched in the US, and has a book trailer!

Find out more and buy the books here.

• I’m doing a school holiday writing workshop for kids 

If you’re based anywhere near Better Read Than Dead bookshop in Newtown, you might want to book the kids in for the day! Program below, and you can book here.

school holiday writing workshops for kids

• Don’t miss my Make Time To Write bootcamp at Writers Unleashed

On Saturday 19th August, I’ll be at the Writers Unleashed Festival, Gymea, for a one-hour Make Time To Write workshop. It’s a terrific one-day program, featuring Deborah Abela, Sarah Ayoub, Holly Throsby, Gabrielle Lord, Cathie Tasker, Sue Whiting, Sandy Fussell and a host of other amazing authors. Don’t miss it! Program details and bookings here. 


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