Today’s the day! The Mapmaker Chronicles now in the UK!

The Mapmaker Chronicles, out now in the UK!
Posted on April 6, 2017

The Mapmaker Chronicles, out now in the UK!Another exciting day in a month that has already left me fairly breathless!

The first three books in The Mapmaker Chronicles series are now available for UK readers, through Little, Brown Books.

You can get your copies

Here at Amazon

Here at Waterstones

Here, direct from the publisher (once they’re back in stock!)

Or check in with your local bookseller

You’ll find more information about the entire series, plus teachers’ notes, reviews, map activities, author FAQs and other resources here at the official website. If you’d like to read a review that encompasses the entire series, you’ll find one here.

And please let me know if you spot one in the wild!


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