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Posted on April 26, 2016

Sydney Writers' Festival Live & LocalWith a headline like that, I SO want to follow up with a post about how I’m embarking on a worldwide book tour for The Mapmaker Chronicles… but that would be beyond the realms of fiction and into outright fib territory, so I’ll stick to the facts.

In one of the modules for my Build Your Author Platform course, I talk about the importance of getting offline – that is, leaving the cosy confines of your writing space and actually going and talking to people every once in a while. As it turns out, 2016 is shaping up as a year in which I very much practice what I preach, so that’s working out well.

Along with a slew of school presentations and author talks, which I’ll share with you down the track, I’ve got two big dates marked on my calendar.

On Sunday 22 May, I’ll be doing a reading from The Mapmaker Chronicles as part of the Wollongong branch of the Sydney Writers’ Festival Live & Local Program, in which the Sydney Writers’ Festival will be streamed live to regional venues. I’m really looking forward to taking part, and will have books for sale on the day, so if you’re in the area come along to Wollongong Town Hall and say hi! Click the image for the full program.

Then (the next big date in my calendar that I can reveal right now), I’m thrilled to say that on September 9/10 I’ll be presenting two sessions at the ProBlogger Training Event 2016, both about writing. My first session is all about how to write a better blog, covering all the tips and tricks I’ve learned in 6+ years of blogging (and 20+ years of writing professionally), and I’m also presenting a one-hour workshop on Getting Paid to Write (specifically, where the work is, how to pitch a story, and how to write for someone else – not as easy as you might think). Details of my sessions are here, but early-bird tickets go on sale tomorrow, so be ready to act quickly if you’re keen to go.

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to meet a few of you at one or the other of these events!

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  1. Jodi Gibson

    Exciting. Have fun Al. x

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