As an author and a teacher of creative writing for kids, teens and adults, I get to talk to a lot of young people about writing.

In this special video, I share my TOP 5 WRITING TIPS FOR KIDS – some of the advice and insights I give over and over, but which many of them haven’t heard before.

Filmed in my office, where I do all my writing, it’s a tiny masterclass for young writers aged 8-14.

I hope you find it useful!



These are the links I mention:

Creative Writing Quest For Kids

More writing tips for kids

More about my books


And this is a summary of my tips:

Tip #1

 Ideas are everywhere


Tip #2

 Get to know your character


Tip #3

 Find out what your character wants


Tip #4

 Put it on the page


Tip #5

 Edit your work


Thanks for watching!

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