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Write With Allison Tait is my new community for writers like you.

It’s for anyone at any stage of the publishing journey, looking for expert guidance, insider tips and like-minded people.


For less than $1 a day you can:

  • Pick my brains about writing and the writing community
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Participate in challenges to get your book written
  • Receive regular practical tips and useful advice from me about the world of writing
  • Access exclusive interviews with industry insiders (authors, literary agents, publishers and more)
  • Get inspired to work towards your writing dream
  • Achieve the motivation that only comes with accountability



Allison Tait podcast

I am the internationally published, best-selling author of eight middle grade. novels, two non-fiction books, two ghostwritten books and countless feature articles and blog posts published actress print and online publications.

I have worked as a features writer, copywriter, social media manager, editor, sub-editor, and more.

For seven years I co-hosted the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast, interviewing authors across all genres, and now co-host the Your Kids’ Next Read podcase.  I’ve always asked the questions to bring you the most useful and practical information I can find.

I teach creative writing for kids, teens and adults, as well as other courses, at the Australian Writers’ Centre, and regularly speak in schools and at literary festivals for adults and children.

My book So You Want To Be A Writer, co-written with Valerie Khoo, is an indie-published Amazon bestseller covering from how to decide what kind of writer you want to be, to how to promote your book once it’s published.

I’m immersed daily in the writing and publishing industry in general, and the children’s publishing industry specifically.

In short, I have experience and knowledge across all areas of writing and publishing, podcasting, speaking, social media, blogging and more.

And I’m ready to share it all with you!


Once you join my closed Facebook Group, Write With Allison Tait will offer you:


Once a month, I will host a live stream ‘ask me anything’ event where I answer your burning questions personally.


Regular short live and/or video interviews with industry professionals (authors, agents, publishers, social media, publicists) filed for long-term access while you are a member of the group.


Accountability is one of the keys to getting a book written (there are others which I will share with you).  Join the group and proclaim that you are a writer (no matter where you are in your journey).  Tell us what you’re writing and let us help you get to The End.  Plus participate in the #writeabookwithal challenges to watch your manuscript grow.


With 25 years+ industry experience across the writing and publishing industries, plus more than a decade of blogging and podcasting, including interviewing experts involved in all facets of a writing career, I’m bringing hard-won knowledge to the table to share with you.


I’ve been writing about writing and publishing on my blog for more than 12 years.  Get easy access to my library of articles, categorised and at your fingers tips, as well as relevant podcast interviews.  If you’ve been listening to the ‘So you want to be a writer’ podcast over the years, this is your chance to get closer, more personalised information and inspiration.


When I see them, I will add them to the group.  And I see them a lot!


Long term members of my community will know that at least once a year, I run a #writeabookwithal challenge.  It’s easy to take part -I write a novel, and post my word counts every day (event the zero-days).  If you want to participate, you. do the same.  It’s a brilliant way to write together.  This group is the only place I will be running this challenge, and. I have some ideas about how we can schedule writing time together.



“I joined ‘Write With Allison Tait’ because I was feeling a little lost writing the first draft of my first novel. I had zero confidence in my ability to finish what I started.

Allison has helped me turn that around in just a few weeks. In the last week alone I’ve added 3500 words to my manuscript and gained both confidence and momentum in my writing.

I could not have achieved this on my own and I would highly recommend Allison to all writers, no matter where they are in their journey to publication.”

—Fiona Taylor, WWAT member

“WWAT is about connection with the writing community, access to industry insider interviews and support in real time.

Al is a fantastic mentor, generous and genuine with both her time and advice.”

—Alison Richards, WWAT member

“Since joining this group I’ve been more inspired and better at just sitting down and smashing out a para.”

—Taryn, WWAT member

“Writing can be such a solitary pursuit, which is why being a part of a group is so important.

“Joining WWAT has helped me feel part of a community of like-minded people and motivated me to get the words down.

“Al offers so much industry knowledge and advice and it’s great to bounce things off Al and other group members. 100% worth the investment if you are serious about writing.” 

—Jodi Gibson, WWAT member

Don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal (via Zoom) with an Industry Insider every month! Previous guests have included Graeme Simsion, Sophie Hamley, Kate Forsyth, Natasha Lester, Annabel Barker and more. Who’ll be next?

Upcoming: Dani Vee (author, podcaster acquisitions editor), rachael johns (bestselling author),
dervla mctiernan (bestselling author) and more!

Fine Print:

Membership to Write with Allison Tait is $29.95, via Paypal (recurring monthly payment). Membership may be cancelled at any time, but any month already paid for will not be refunded.

Membership fee guarantees access to the private ‘Write with Allison Tait’ Facebook group. Only members will be able to see the content posted in the group. Once the fee is paid, request to join the group here. Membership to ‘Write with Allison Tait’ will be limited.

The group offering is outlined above. Allison Tait will be regularly present in the group, will host monthly live Q&A sessions and contribute regular content, but reserves the right to schedule all content and other interviews at times to be decided by Allison Tait and other participants.

Offensive or divisive behaviour will be not be tolerated and the member will be removed from the group and membership rescinded.

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