100+ great books for your young reader

100+ great books for your young reader

100+ great books for your young reader | allisontait.comOver the past year or so, I’ve created some terrific book lists and I thought, given things have been a bit quiet around here of late, that I might take the opportunity to corral them all together in one post. If you’ve got a young reader aged 8-14 or thereabouts, there’s bound to be a book here for them!

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30 Brilliant Books For Girls

5 Books Featuring Reluctant Heroes

21 [gift] Book Ideas For Boys And Girls

12 Books For Kids About Maps

21 Tried-And-Tested Books For 13/14-Year-Old Boys

Also (bonus!), this is an older one, but really useful:

Your Kids’ Next Read: Recommended Reading Lists for Kids 10+, 12+, YA for tweens

If you’re looking for great new book suggestions for your kids (and who isn’t really?), the Your Kids’ Next Read Facebook group is a great place to start. We have 3700+ members – parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, authors – all sharing their knowledge, recommendations and love of books with each other in a lovely space. We’d love to see you!

And if you’re new here, you can read more about my epic middle-grade adventure series The Mapmaker Chronicles and The Ateban Cipher by clicking the links. Lovely to meet you!

The week that was: launch week for The Book Of Answers

The week that was: launch week for The Book Of Answers

Goodness me, but that was a whirlwind. I can’t believe The Book Of Answers (Ateban Cipher #2) has been out for a week already. The Easter long weekend in the middle, plus the end of daylight savings, has left me with a strange jet-lagged feeling (what is it about that one ‘extra’ hour that makes such a difference?), but I thought I’d put together an update.

This blog is my record of all that goes on, so apologies if you’ve seen some of this on one of my various social media platforms, and “hello” if you’ve seen none of it.

A big thank you to my local booksellers (Dymocks Books Nowra and Dean Swift Books) for inviting me in to sign books for my local community. Our region is so lucky to still be so well served by bookshops (another fantastic bookshop in my area is Boobook On Owen and I hope to get there soon) and I feel blessed that, as an author outside a capital city, my local booksellers are so incredibly supportive.

Signed copies of The Book Of Answers at Dean Swift Books Nowra

Support your local bookshops everyone – they do an amazing job!

And, of course, if you’re not local and you’d like a signed copy, head to Booktopia, where I signed a stack before launch day – but get in quick because there aren’t many left. (Handy tip: use this link to order The Book Of Secrets and The Book Of Answers for $25)

First reviews of The Book Of Answers are starting to come through, and I was thrilled with this one from Ashleigh at The Book Muse:

“Gabe’s discoveries were unexpected but worked well with the story – and came at just the right time, with the right pacing. Overall, the elements of The Book of Answers worked really well together, and all the elements tied together nicely at the end. A great read for children aged ten and older, and adults if they like these sorts of stories, and it is a nice quick read as well, which is all down to the well-written pacing of the story.”

Speaking of reviews, Quinn and the rest of the crew of The Mapmaker Chronicles series continue to find fans and friends all over the world. I was absolutely thrilled with this series review by Erik of This Kid Reviews Books:

I really liked this entire series. Five out of five bookworms all-around! Yay! 

Having the books available in the US, the UK, and other territories means that they are finding new readers all the time, which just makes me feel like a proud parent. And, given it was Erik’s fabulous blog that inspired Book Boy to begin his own blog a few years ago, I’m just chuffed with his review of each book (click here to read them all).

Kid reviewers are the best!

Writers might be interested in a couple of podcast chats I’ve had this week.

On this week’s episode (228) of So You Want To Be A Writer, Val and I had a chat about the strange sensations of launch week and why my online community (that’s you!) is so important to me at this time. (If you haven’t discovered my podcast as yet, there’s more info about it here.)

I also talked to Kel Butler from the Writes4Women podcast about author platforms – what they are, why you need one and where to put your energies. Lots to think about.

In related news, for those of you who have young writers and who live on (or near) the south coast, I’m experimenting with some school holiday writing workshops for kids on Wednesday 18 April 2018. There are two sessions, one for kids aged 9-11, one for the 12-14 set.

Click the link for each age group to see all the details and book a spot for your young writer (but be quick – each workshop is limited to 10 young writers and tickets are selling fast).

Okay, I think that just about covers a very big week. Thank you for reading this far and thanks you once again for all your support. 

Today’s the day: THE BOOK OF ANSWERS is out now!

Today’s the day: THE BOOK OF ANSWERS is out now!

The Ateban Cipher adventure series for kids 9-12 is out now!Today, my new book came out. THE BOOK OF ANSWERS (Ateban Cipher #2) is out there on the shelves, ready and waiting for someone to just wander on by and pick it up. (Doesn’t it look pretty there, standing behind THE BOOK OF SECRETS…)

You’ll find more details about the books here.

I’ve written before about the strangely anti-climactic experience that is Publication Day. After years of writing, editing and waiting, there it is, out there while you, the other, are… still doing whatever it is you do on a daily basis.

And all you can do is to wait and see.

Wondering if anyone will buy it.

Wondering if anyone will like it.

Hoping that everyone LOVES it (even as you know that there’s no book in the world that EVERYONE loves).

Fly high my little book.

I’ll be over here. Tidying my desk and, yes, writing a new book.

You can buy THE BOOK OF ANSWERS (and THE BOOK OF SECRETS) at your local bookshop or at these online booksellers. 

Abbey’s Bookshop

Angus & Robertson

Avid Reader

Berkelouw Books





And thank you all so much for your support.

Advance copies, dedications + a giveaway

Advance copies, dedications + a giveaway

With just over two weeks to go until The Book Of Answers (Ateben Cipher #2) lands in bookshops all over Australia, excitement levels are mounting – and hit ‘very high to ridiculous’ this morning when the first printed copies arrived via courier.

You might think that, given this is my sixth children’s novel and 11th book in total, somehow I would have become grown-up and mature about this moment but no.

This. Never. Gets. Old.

See. I even made a video about it.

Anyway, this post is really just to share my excitement levels with someone other than Procrastipup, and to share the book’s dedication.

You might remember I’ve talked about dedications before, sharing 10 of my favourites here, along with the dedication for The Book Of Secrets, which remains a high point for me. (Go look – I promise I’ll be here when you get back.)

Well, here is the dedication for The Book Of Answers.

Book dedication: The Book Of Answers (Ateban Cipher #2)

Anyone who’s read The Book Of Secrets and loved the bond between Gwyn and Merry will get it. Anyone who’s had sisters will get it.

If you’d like to show your excitement and pre-order your very own copy of The Book Of Answers, go here. And you can buy The Book Of Secrets here right now.

Speaking of excitement, I’ve got a special giveaway planned for my newsletter subscribers this month (hint: may involve a little package of signed books, bookmark plus not-available-in-shops The Mapmaker Chronicles cap), so if you’d like the opportunity to get involved in that, make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter before 15th March 2018 and stand by!

In the meantime, I’ll be over here. Excited.

My top 10 posts for authors (2017)

My top 10 posts for authors (2017)

My top 10 posts for authors (2017) | allisontait.com So here we are, the last of my top 10 blog post posts for 2017. Probably just as well as we’re into the second week of January 2018…

This time, the focus is on authors and author life, and so we have a mix of posts about publishing, social media, blogging, book launches, author platforms and all the various bits and pieces encompassed in an author’s career OUTSIDE of the writing (you can find my top 10 posts about writing here).


10. The one superpower that all published writers have

9. Industry Insider: How to get published

8. An important question for every writer

7. How to host a book launch

6. Ask the writer: How to build your author platform

5. 10 of my favourite book dedications

4. What to blog about: 5 top tips for new and aspiring authors

3. 10 things to do while you’re waiting on your writing

26 more Aussie Instagram accounts I love

1. Five Australian author Instagram accounts I love

If you’re writing children’s or YA fiction, I’d also suggest having a look at my top 10 posts for readers here. This top 10 mostly comprises book lists, created from recommendations from the Your Kid’s Next Read Facebook community.

These are the books, across many different age categories, that parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, authors and other interested parties are recommending to each other over and over again. It’s really worth having a look at what those books are!

And, if you’re new here, you can find out all about me here or check out The Mapmaker Chronicles and The Ateban Cipher, my two epic adventure series for middle-grade readers.

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