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Links, books and other resources to take you inside the world that inspired 
THE FIRE STAR (A Maven & Reeve Mystery) by A.L. Tait

The Fire Star (A Maven & Reeve Mystery) is pure fiction, but the story is based in a world that’s inspired by my love of Medieval history. The Beech Circle’s secret meeting place, for instance, was inspired by this article and this episode of Great British Railways.

If you love the world of Cartreff, Rennart Castle, The Beech Circle, knights, maids and mysteries, I’ve put together a range of resources: links, books, documentaries and more to help  you to explore!




some of a.l. Tait’s favourite books for kids about castles, kingdoms, MEDIEVAL LIFE and the middle ages:

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THE FIRE STAR is the first Maven & Reeve mystery, but not the first ‘almost history’ world created by A. L. Tait.
If you loved the vivid characters, exciting adventure and brilliant details of THE FIRE STAR, try THE MAPMAKER CHRONICLES, the epic story of a race to map the world, or THE ATEBAN CIPHER novels, an intriguing tale of a mysterious and beautiful book.

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