Waving from the ‘Kids’ Table’

Your Kid's Next Read podcast reaches 100 episodes
Posted on May 10, 2023

Last Friday night, at the end of a week that seemed to have lasted about 87 days, I wrote a post on Linked In that started out as notification of the fact that Your Kid’s Next Read podcast had passed the 100-episode milestone… and then, as I wrote, morphed into something quite different.

I’m reposting it here because I’ve decided I want it here, at my place.



Your Kid’s Next Read podcast under-celebrates 100 episodes

I’m the first to admit that I’m an under-celebrator, but this might be a record even for me.

Last week, the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast passed the 100 episode milestone.

I’m so proud of the 29,000-strong community that Megan Daley, Allison Rushby and I have created and beyond thrilled that the ‘voice’ of that community continues to grow and resonate to a wider audience through our podcast.

Quality children’s literature is essential for building literacy skills, and yet children’s authors are often overlooked for awards, interviews and media coverage.

In fact, I often joke that we are at the ‘kid’s table at the wedding’ when it comes to these things – shoved in a corner while the ‘grown ups’ get on with their posh events.

Anyone who’s ever met me will know that I’m not that good at sitting in the corner (cue: Dirty Dancing references) and look for ways to advocate and promote children’s literature in any way I can.

When in doubt, create your own event and invite everyone along.

So, here’s to Your Kid’s Next Read – the community, the podcast, the newsletter, the advocacy, the passion, the people, the EVENT.

Here’s to another 100 episodes of #qualitywaffle

And, here’s a tip: if we want to improve literacy levels in this country, we need to pay attention to the kids’ table.

That’s where you’ll find the writers who are doing their absolute best to create stories that will turn kids into lifelong readers.

It’s also where you’ll find the school librarians, the booksellers, the passionate reviewers, the parents, the grandparents, the carers, the teachers, and all of the other interested parties who are desperate to find the right book to unlock that love of reading.

Come and join us.

We’re having a LOT of fun over here.

Let’s make some noise!



Some of the organisations working hard for Australian children’s literature and literacy

The Children’s Book Council of Australia

The Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation

Students Need School Libraries

The Australian School Library Association

Dymocks Children’s Charities

Books in Homes Australia

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Australia Reads

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature

Visit them – and support them where applicable (EOFY is coming…)!


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