21 Book Week costume ideas from Australian authors

Posted on August 19, 2021

Book Week 2021 is shaping up to be similar to Book Week 2020 for many – which is to say that parades and author talks are being held online.

But that’s not to say that dressing up as your favourite character is out of vogue.

Not at all.

Nothing breaks up the monotony of lockdown life quite like donning a cloak, putting a blue stripe in your hair or making yourself an alpaca mask.

And there are still parades to attend, face to face in many states and schools and online in others. In fact, we’ll be holding one online in the Your Kid’s Next Read community next Friday with prizes to win. Join us now for details and to take part!

Plus, ideas for simple Book Week costumes never go out of style.

With that in mind, I asked the Australian children’s literature community to share posts (blog or social media) that show us how to recreate their characters for Book Week. And I got some brilliant new responses.


Australian authors share Book Week costume ideas for their books

I’ve listed the author’s name and then the book inspiration. Click the book name for details of the characters and how to create them at home.


Book Week Nat AmooreNat Amoore

Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire, The Power Of Positive Pranking




Book Week: Edie from Edie's ExperimentsCharlotte Barkla

Edie’s Experiments




Book Week Wednesday WEeksCristy Burne

Wednesday Weeks and The Tower Of Shadows, STEM stories: Fiona Woods, Beneath The Trees, To The Lighthouse, Off The Track



Book Week Macca The AlpacaMatt Cosgrove

Macca The Alpaca (printables)




The Last Viking Book WeekJames Foley

Dead Bunnies, Brobot, In The Lion,  Toffle Towers

The Last Viking



Book Week Eliza BoomEmily Gale

Elsewhere Girls, Eliza Boom




Josh Langley

Being You Is Enough 




Book Week Jetty JumpingAndrea Rowe

Jetty Jumping




Book Week The Ateban CipherA. L. Tait

The Mapmaker Chronicles

The Ateban Cipher



Book Week: Nova Weetman booksNova Weetman

Elsewhere Girls, The Edge Of Thirteen, Sick Bay




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