Writing tips for kids: 3 short videos

Writing tips for kids: three videos by author A.L. Tait
Posted on April 29, 2019

Writing tips for kids: three videos by author A.L. TaitAs part of my plan for be An Organised Writer this year, I’m working through all of the content I have across various platforms and making sure that I bring it back here, to my home on the internet.

As I’ve written before, one of the major benefits of having an author blog is the ability to invite readers home, to your space, to your website.

So I figure I should practise what I preach.

Below are three videos of some live broadcasts I’ve done on my Facebook page about kids and creative writing. I thought that, with the dreaded Naplan looming for many kids in Australia this term, now might be a good time to round the videos up and bring them home.

I hope you find them useful.

Three short videos full of writing tips for kids

This first one is about helping kids to embrace creative writing, including two of the things that I love most about writing and how kids can identify and embrace their writing superpowers (even the ones who think they don’t have one…)


In this second video, I look at the link for kids between reading and writing, and how they absorb so much about how to use story structure, narrative voice, tension and pacing from the books that they read.


And in the third video, I have an easy writing exercise for kids to help them get their creative juices flowing – it’s a simple writer’s journal, with practical suggestions of just what to put in it.

Some useful links mentioned in the videos

You can find out more about my Creative Writing Quest For Kids course here.

Read more about Raising Readers by Megan Daley here.

Meet Book Boy.

There’s more information about the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast here.

You’ll find more writing tips for kids on my blog here.

I present talks and workshops regularly in schools, libraries and at other events. You can find more details about my experience and the kinds of presentations I do here.

I’m planning to do more of these videos over the next few months, so like my Facebook page if you’d like to see them regularly.


Are you new here? Welcome to my blog! I’m Allison Tait, aka A.L. Tait, and I’m the author of two epic middle-grade adventure series, The Mapmaker Chronicles and The Ateban Cipher.

You can find out more about me here, and more about my books here.


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