Five Australian author Instagram accounts I love

5 Australian author Instagram accounts I love
Posted on March 24, 2017

5 Australian author Instagram accounts I loveLet’s talk about Instagram for authors. If you follow this blog or my podcast with any regularity, you’ll know that I was a late-adopter of Instagram. I tried it a few years ago, couldn’t get my head around it and put it aside.

But then, about 12 months ago, with Procrastipup in tow, I picked it up again and… I’m hooked. (You’ll find me at @allisontaitwriter, come and say hello!)

I mostly post pics of my dog, my garden, my books, my beautiful local area, and the various other bits and pieces that make up my authorly life, but I do love scrolling through the feeds of other authors as well.

For me, the best author accounts are a mix of things they love, things they’re doing, things they’re reading – just little snippets of their daily existence, all wrapped up in a consistent ‘feel’ (Instagram tips would tell you that using just one or two filters helps to give this, but I would also argue that figuring out just four or five ‘topics’ for the photos within your feed also helps).

I follow a lot of Australian authors, all of whom are doing a great job, but these five particularly stand out:

Tristan Bancks

Tristan writes the ‘My Life’ series of books (new book My Life And Other Weaponised Muffins out now) and I think you could pretty much call his Instagram feed by the same name. It’s all books/cartoons/Tristan/life/school visits all the time. There’s a clear visual message throughout Tristan’s feed, but also a real sense of fun that I’m sure kids love as much as I do. (Kid review of My Life and Other Massive Mistakes)

Wendy Orr

Wendy is relatively new to Instagram, but she does a terrific job of interspersing her new books (including Dragonfly Song) with posts about her classics like Nim’s Island. She is also SUPER supportive of other authors, and very engaged in the Australian writing community on Instagram. (Podcast interview with Wendy.)

Favel Parrett

I follow Favel, author of Past The Shallows and When The Night Comes, because she takes gorgeous photographs, often of the area in which she lives, complete with surfboards and birds. Her writing is deceptively simple and beautiful and I think the mood evoked by her Instagram shots is the same. (Podcast interview with Favel.)

Mick Elliott

Mick is the author of the zany middle-grade series The Turners (Book 3 ‘Fully Doomed’ out 26 April), who also works as a producer at Nickelodeon – and you can see that experience in his Instagram feed, which is one of the most creative and consistent of any author I know. Mick posts about his books every day, but in such an inventive way that the message remains fresh. Seriously – go look! (Kid review of The Turners (#1) )

Maggie Mackellar

If you’re looking for images of a dream author’s life, this is the one for you. Maggie, author of the memoirs When It Rains and How To Get There, lives on a farm in Tasmania, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, horses and puppies. A little breath of fresh air in every day.

Which Australian authors do you love to follow on Instagram?


  1. Tegan

    Thanks! I’m checking them out now.

    • Allison Tait

      I hope you enjoy!

  2. Cathie

    And I’d add WENDY ORR

    • Allison Tait

      She’s already there! 🙂

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