News: Build Your Author Platform + Make Time To Write = Great Summer Deal!

Posted on January 4, 2017

SAVE: Make Time To Write + Build Your Author Platform = Great Summer Deal | Allison Tait

Happy New(ish) Year!

This is a summer holiday post, which means it’s short, it’s sweet and I’m only popping into the office because it’s absolutely necessary!

I just wanted to make sure you don’t miss the fantastic Summer Bundle Sale over at the Australian Writers’ Centre, which includes amazing discounts on two of my popular on-demand courses: Make Time To Write and Build Your Author Platform.

Click the links above to read the full course descriptions but go HERE to make sure you get the special offer and it’s VERY special – you’ll save $100+. The offer is only available until 15 January, 2017, so get in quick!

Thanks to Layne for this fantastic testimonial on the Make Time To Write course:

“I don’t know why but everything has just freed up since that day. I’ve already added more than 10,000 words to my manuscript, and it’s only the end of Day 11. Perhaps it is because the course showed me that, yes Layne, you can make the time to work on your book, to work on something that is just for me. My story IS coming together. If I can sustain this momentum, I will have produced around 30,000 words by the end of this bootcamp. That is so very exciting.

“The format is ideal for ‘deadline-responders’ like me … not so much pressure that it feels overwhelming, but also plenty of motivation to exceed the daily outputs. The motivational quotes are also spot on – pertinent to each day’s goal. What matters for me right now is getting those words – my first draft – done, and Allison’s course is helping me to do that more than anything else ever has.”

And to Jodi Gibson for her words about Build Your Author Platform:

“Targeted specifically for authors, the course sets out a variety of information, tips and suggestions to follow to get the most out of your online presence. Since finishing the course I have implemented many of the suggestions and now have a definitive plan to continue to build my author platform. It’s also been wonderful connecting with other writers in the supportive, private Facebook group.”

If you’d like this to be the year that you finally finish that novel AND give yourself the best possible chance to catch the eye of agents, publishers and readers, then be sure to have a look – you’ll get both courses for just $189, saving you $123!

And now, back to the beach…

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