A few of my favourite things

Remember way back when, when I shared this little secret with you that no-one else knew? Well, I’ve decided it’s time to let you in on a few more of my notable quirks. You already know that I like writing, and maps, and gardens, and notebooks. But I think it’s time our relationship deepened. To that end, did you also know that I have a thing for…


Post-It notes. When I edit my work, I mark all the pages that need attention with sticky yellow notes. But I’m upgrading to these Green Markers for my next project because… why wouldn’t you?




Cookbooks. I’m an absolute sucker for a cookbook. I have shelves of them, mostly covered in dust. I cook the same things over and over again, ignoring the tantalising inspiration contained within their covers. But that probably won’t stop me buying this new one by Marion Grasby. Asia-Express-book


Rice crackers. I’m addicted to them. It’s a strange thing, but I am not a writer who is fuelled by chocolate – it is salt and crunch that keeps me going. I’ve convinced myself that these are healthier than salt-and-vinegar chips but I’m thinking that they’re not meant to be consumed in vast quantities either. Sigh. rice_crackers


What are some of your favourite things?