Editing and the Internet

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Posted on February 6, 2014

photoI am blessed to live in The Old Girl for many reasons, but one that I relish on a daily basis is the fact that she offers me so many different spaces in which to work.

She has a rambling layout of high ceilings and sunny corners, rooms here and there, added on over many years – the way things used to be done before the ‘knock down half the house’ style of renovating became fashionable.

Today I’m set up in the sunroom, with my highlighter and my Post-it notes. I’m editing, with the sunshine warm on my back and the silence settling around me.

The main advantage of this room, beyond its peaceful ambience, is its internet-free status.

Which means no distractions.

Which means that, technically, I was never here.

Do you have to go out of your way to avoid the internet while you’re working?


  1. Seana - Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

    In a cafe… I don’t know why I don’t let myself get distracted when out and about, but I don’t… I always leave home with a job to be done… and I just do it. Working at home is not so straightforward!

  2. Jenn Jay

    I too am lucky to have a house that offers a few spaces to work – I try to get out of the office space with the internet and my big computer set-up and take my old laptop to a corner of the house where I can have a large table for all my notes and I look out the windows over the neighbouring houses. Its west facing so sun is too intense from about 3pm in summer – but winter will be a perfect spot. I try to set a few hours where I refrain from checking emails etc. Otherwise the flow is interrupted.

  3. Kym Campradt

    Sounds perfect! Yes, I am trying to avoid all social media and make myself write first. Then as a little reward, I may have a squizz.

  4. JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    My favourite place at the moment is under the pergola with the fan on overlooking the pool. My favourite spot in winter is my window seat in the office where the winter sun warms my bones enabling me to work. As for the internet we have wifi all over the house so no escaping. I just have to make sure all browers are closed!

  5. Maxabella

    Now, that would make my job impossible!! I agree that the old girl has a certain something. I much prefer closed doors to open plan. x

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