Let’s talk about the weather…

photoLongtime readers of this blog will know that the Weather Obsession gene runs long and strong in my family. Currently, however, it seems that the whole country has been swept up in the thrill of the forecast – or, if the number of “gosh, it’s hot” tweets, “how hot is it?” conversations at the supermarket, and “look, I’m frying an egg on the driveway” images filling up my Facebook newsfeed are anything to go by.

In honour of the heatwave sweeping Australia, and the fact that, if only for this week, everyone has become a member of my family, I bring you my collection of weather-related posts.

Talking about the weather: it’s genetic

What’s really cool this season?

Starting afresh

Does your Dad think he’s funny?

Have you got a family password?

Jacaranda blue

Fibrotown Fable #4: A tale of two queues

Famous last words: “I’ll write my novel when…”

Proud parents come in all shapes and sizes

Blame it on the rain

Can you peak too early with comfort?

Nice weather for … talking about the weather

I know what you’re thinking – so many. The worst part? That’s not even all of them.

Clearly I inherited that genetic thing after all.

Have you had umpteen conversations about the weather this week?