The ‘Bring A Plate’ post

photo[1]What do you bring when you’re asked to ‘bring a plate’? It’s a question I find vexing. I prefer the ‘bring a salad’ or ‘bring dessert’ approach – you know where you are with that (and my favourite ‘bring dessert’ option is the box of Paddle Pops for the kids and either Magnums for the parents or I’ll make a lime/chocolate cake shamelessly stolen from my friend C). See.

I have had two ‘bring a plate’ occasions of late. And two more this week. I need more plates, both of the recipe kind and the physical kind (is it just me who leaves plates, platters and containers all over town?).

I am considering calling in my good friends from Rabbit & Co Caterers, who did an amazing job creating delicious plates of all kinds for a big (extended) family function on the weekend. I mean, who wouldn’t be popular turning up with a plate of antipasti such as the one pictured?

Mind you, I need to be careful. If I go down that road, I’ll be getting asked to ‘bring a plate’ everywhere I go.

The pressure.

What do you bring when you’re asked to ‘bring a plate’?