All he wants for Christmas…

Allison Tait author
Posted on December 6, 2013

photo[1]Mr6 is on a mission. He has decided that he needs an iPod. Despite House Rules stating that he must be ten to have an iPod, he will acquire one by fair means or foul.

He began his mission with me.

“Mu-u-um,” he wheedled. “Everyone else has an iPod. I should have one too.”

Er, no, they haven’t and, no, you shouldn’t.

The next I heard about the iPod was when he was writing his Letter to Santa last week.

He was very quiet, chewing his pencil, looking off into space, writing carefully with his tongue between his teeth as he concentrated. I left him to it.

Moments later, he entered the kitchen. “Mu-u-um,” he said, faux-sheepishly. “I accidentally wrote an iPod on my Santa letter.”

Okay, well you can accidentally cross it out.

He returned to the table, striking a large, dark mark through the iPod.

Moments later, he returned. “I did it. I’ve left the letter on the table.”

The following morning, when I was putting the letter into an envelope for its journey to the North Pole, I noticed the large, dark mark through the iPod. I also noticed, in very small writing, right in the bottom corner of the letter, this:


Later, on our way to school, he asked me this: “Mum, what if Santa accidentally brings me an iPod?”

“He won’t,” I said, with enormous confidence. “Santa knows the House Rules.”

He frowned.

Last night, my Mum came over to look after the boys while The Builder and I flexed our intellectual muscles at a charity trivia night (we didn’t win…).

On our return, with both boys slumbering peacefully, Mum informed me, with a twinkle in her eye, that Mr6 had put the hard word on her for an iPod for his birthday. Gran had listened seriously to his proposal and then informed him that she would be talking to Mum and Dad about it.

When she told us, we laughed. What else could we do? The sheer tenacity of his approach is admirable. Misguided, but admirable.

Gran will be going back to Mr6 to discuss iPod-Gate while The Builder and I pretend we know nothing.

I await his next move with great interest.

What do your kids really want for Christmas? Are they getting it?


  1. Kimberley

    Oh hilarious—clearly he is going to be a politician (sorry).

    Scout (7)’s Christmas Wish List runs to about 10 books, all infinitely do-able. Clearly she is a girl of simple pleasures and I’m infinitely grateful for it! We will probably get at least 6 of the books she asked for.

  2. JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    Points for persistence indeed! We have a few items on the wish list here. Miss 15 wants cowboy boots, Miss 13 wants a circus cage for her rat (?), Miss 8 wants an itunes voucher for her iPod (lol), and Miss 5 wants a toy puppy. All wishes have been granted except for the circus cage for the rat. If you come across one, please inform me 🙂

  3. Kylie

    Well, you have to give him credit for being persistent! In our house, Mr 5 has an enormous Christmas list which grows every day! Little does he know that we went Christmas shopping months ago! It’s fun listening to the things he wants though!

  4. Kym Campradt

    That is so funny! Very cute and admirable. Mr3 and Mr2 both want anything and everything they see, so Santa is going shopping and choosing what he wishes.. Probably the last year he will get away with that!

  5. Kelly Exeter

    Well Jaden wants a Rainbow for Christmas ….

    And don’t tell Mr 6 that J had his first iDevice (iTouch) before he turned 1 …!

  6. Lucy

    The mad crazy thing is that I have a spare iPod under my desk – brand spanking new and shiny in its box! Shhhhhh – don’t let him read that! x

    • Allison Tait

      Is that an accidental thing?

  7. Sam Stone

    I love this kid. He is awesome.
    My daughter does a lot of things “by accident” too. “Mum, I accidentally ate all the lollies.”

  8. Maxabella

    PS – and ‘luna park passes’ is the must-have and yes, they are getting them (you met their over-indulgent, can’t-say-no Zia Lucia of whom I have no control whatsoever, right?)

  9. Maxabella

    He’s gold, that kid. The iPod age at our place is 8 (we are clearly early adopters), so both Cappers and The Max have one. The Badoo has a made-up one that has every song on it that she’s ever loved in the whole world and every game she’s ever wanted to play in the whole world – she draws them.


  10. Carolyn Tate

    Oh, I love his tenacity! There’s a kid who will go far in life. 🙂 My kids have been surprisingly quiet about what they want for Christmas. The only thing broken out so far is that Master 3 wants an Octonauts book. And yes, he will get that. It has taken me until now to realise Miss 9 hasn’t asked for a thing. I am wondering whether I should be happy at her lack of materialism, or suspicious. Hmmmm…

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