The trouble with social media

I keep cannibalising my own blog. Seriously. I eat small chunks out of it every day and then wonder why it’s less satisfying as a main meal.

A year ago, when I was posting every day, I never ran out of things to say. Now that I’m only posting three times a week, I frequently find myself scratching around, scratching my head. Today I realised why.

Social media is eating my blog.

I’m popping up Facebook status updates willy nilly – and using up some stellar ideas that, 12 months ago, I would have written as a blog post.

I’m on Google+, throwing out my thoughts into a very good writing community.

I’m pinning… okay, actually, let’s face it, I’m not pinning often and pinning never ate anyone’s brain.

I’ve started a newsletter, and I’m putting things aside in my mind for that.

I’m talking about anything and everything in SMaC Talk, my (almost) weekly podcast with Kerri Sackville and Valerie Khoo (and thanks for all the terrific feedback on that, by the way).

And I’m saving up some of my thinking power for actual work – feature articles, corporate work, books and novels.

All of which leaves me with just a small portion for my poor old blog.

Today, unthinkingly, I engaged my fingers on the keyboard before my brain got into gear and I wasted a perfectly good opportunity to lament the popularity of Mr6’s name by using it up in a status update. The conversation is terrific – but it’s not here, in the Fibro, where I so like to have a cup of tea with everyone.

Ah well. Look at me here. Writing a blog post.

A tasty little blog post.

Is social media eating your blog, too? Or are you better at meal-planning than I am?