In which I indulge in some (warranted) italics abuse

Technology and I are not friends at the moment. I had one of those days today when everything electrical conspired against me to produce an absolute shocker. Even the coffee machine blew steam at me from unexpected places.

Worst of all was the moment at 11.10pm tonight when the wordpress post I’d been working on for a job failed to save. Not only failed to save but reverted back to its original version. All changes lost.

Are you getting my frustration here? Are the italics doing it justice?

Seriously, it’s enough to make a person go back to writing longhand.

I started using computers in my second year of working. True story. I learnt to type on a manual typewriter. And I’m not even that old.

How did we go from that place to a society where half our day is spent not only on the computer but online?

(Again with the italics.)

I am hoping that I will wake up tomorrow and whatever gremlins have decided to infiltrate all the technology will have moved next door to shut down the neighbours’ noisy pool filter. Then I will drink a cup of coffee (without steam burns) and start my whole wordpress post over again.

No italics required.

Do you remember a time when work did not necessarily mean a screen? Or is it just me?