Facing the music in the school holidays

It’s the first day of the school holidays and, as I sit here trying to write an article about infant reflux, Mr6 is singing pop songs on the pretend microphone his kindy teachers gave him as a prize last year (because he really needs a louder voice) and Mr9 is practising the piano. Phantom of the Opera. Over and over and over again.

Let’s just say my thoughts aren’t flowing clearly.

I should be rejoicing, really. Mr9 will sit down and practise the piano here and there all day. Ten minutes of scales. Wander away. Five minutes of trying to work out how to play the Ninjago theme by ear. Play Lego. Three minutes picking out the Transformers theme melody. Mooch off in search of food.

There is no consistent 30 minutes of practice a day. He wedges scales in when he feels like it (and not as often as his teacher would like it). But he floats and faffs and is happy. I think the key is that last word. At this stage of his ‘music career’, I’m just happy that he wants to keep going. He’s been ‘doing’ piano for about 18 months now, following on from about 18 months of guitar lessons. He reads music, plays in the school band and plays Phantom of the Opera really, really well (over and over and over again).

He doesn’t want to do a piano exam, despite his teacher’s best efforts to persuade him. And I’m okay with that.

It’s not very Tiger Mother of me, but I just want him to learn to play.

Hopefully, one day very soon, he’ll move on to something that is not Phantom of the Opera.

Do your kids do music lessons? Do they have a set routine for practice?