Does my brain look big in these?

Posted on April 29, 2013
I am wearing my new reading glasses as I write this.

They feel strange.

The world is both clearer and more blurry. Depending on where I look.

I take them off. My eyes cross with the effort of trying to focus.

I put them back on. The first few seconds are worse.

I still feel that perhaps I should just make the font size bigger. Or look over the top of them, like a red-haired Miss Marple.

I am wearing my new reading glasses as I write this.

They have strong, dark, tortoise-shell frames. Very definite glasses. I am convinced they make my brain look bigger. It’s easy to decide on a dark, nerdy frame when you only wear them at home. Would I be so brave if I had to have them on my face all the time? Perhaps not.

The optometrist told me that I would never not need glasses for reading again. And yet, right now, I still feel more comfortable reading without them. Squinting a little, perhaps; adding new depth to the furrows around my eyes.

She didn’t say that I could never again write without them.

Do you wear reading glasses?


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  1. Justjen

    I got my first pair at 43 and thought oh no, my eyesight will deteriorate really quickly now, but 7 years on, I’m on to my 3rd pair but have only gone up one strength. This time I got the two pairs for one deal, so I’ve always got a pair with me, mind you it took me twice as long to choose them 🙂

  2. Sam Stone

    Not yet.But probably in the near future. Too much time spent reading without the proper light will probably be my downfall.

  3. Rae Hilhorst

    The hardest part is definitely choosing the glasses. I often walk in to an optometrist, try one pair on, feel very deflated and walk out again. It takes a good 6 months to choose just the right pair. Then I do it all again the following year. It’s punishing. xxx

  4. Anonymous

    I have just got reading glasses too. I love that the world has come back into focus when I need it to. Such a shame I didn’t have them whilst I was studying last year and earlier this year. I have bright purple and blue glasses, they make me happy. I am long sighted, my partner short so we are a great team. I read the menu board and he reads the children’s medicine.

  5. Sally

    soon you will wonder what you did without those readers, then you will need multifocals, then you will need them to prepare and eat your dinner, and you’ll have a spare pair in the car, and another in your handbag! The lot of the class of ’86! Sally 🙂

  6. ClaireyHewitt

    As a teen I was so keen to have glasses that my Mum drove me to the big city to see the really good optometrist after I told her all about the many problems with my eyes.

    I had my eyes tested last year and still they tell me my vision is fine…twenty years later.

  7. Jodi Gibson

    Oooh a red-haired Miss Marple! I love that image. I don’t have reading glasses, but I’m sure I will one day. Both my parents had poor eyesight from about 40 onwards! My husband actually reckons I look ‘sexy’ in reading glasses! TMI

  8. Samantha Dennison

    I just got my multifocals upgraded to my new prescription. Yuck!! I’d much rather just have reading glasses but need distance help as well. I soooo understand your ‘pain’. x

  9. Ellie

    When I first got mine all my dreams were framed perfectly for weeks. Hope you get used to them soon- and they certainly do make you look smarter with the added bonus- you can see! 🙂

  10. Maxabella

    They’re very nice. They suit your brain beautifully. x

  11. Anna Spargo-Ryan

    You sound smarter already.

    I love my reading glasses, though I think they are at least part placebo.

  12. Dorothy Krajewski

    Welcome to the reading glasses club. I got my first pair about a year ago and still can’t get used to wearing them. Only wear them to read very fine print or to thread a needle. Which doesn’t happen very often.

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