What does sexy mean?

Posted on March 13, 2013

Mr6 and I had a date to the school disco last Friday. He requested gel for his hair, with a specific level of ‘sticky-upness’ required.

I did my best, but it clearly wasn’t good enough because when we go there he dragged over a friend, pointed to his magnificent Beckham-like spikes, and said ‘that’s what I wanted Mum, can you do that next time?’.

Back to the bathroom mirror I go.

During our short walk to the disco, he practised his Gangnam Style moves, hopping and bopping and twirling along beside me.

He knows only one line: “Heeeeeey, sexy lady, wah, wah, wah, wah-wah”. This he sang over and over again with this kind of thing in between: “bing-bong, ding-dong, can, wokking Gangnam Style”.

It was all highly entertaining.

As we approached the gate, he turned to me. “What does sexy mean, Mum?” And once again I was caught on the hop, sputtering and spluttering, reaching for an answer to a ‘big question’. It’s like he plans these things.

“Er, well,” I said. “When you get older, MUCH older, you’ll like girls, a lot, and, er, when you find a girl you want to kiss you’ll, er, probably think that she’s, er, sexy.”

He laughed. “Girls! Ha! As if, Mum!”

I laughed too. “Well, you will. But that’s why it’s a grown up word and it’s not a good word for little boys to use. It sounds all wrong. See?”

He laughed again. “Kissing! Ha!”

And off he went, ‘wah, wah, wah, wah-wah-ing’ as he went. Wokking Gangnam style all the way.


  1. Rhema

    Good to come across this article.. funny !

  2. Nikki Fisher

    Excellent explanation Allison. Like Maxabella I too have my short rein at the ready for my two boys – Mr 6 and Mr 3 constantly amaze me with their ‘sexy’ talk, for instance on New Years Eve 2012 I overheard them in the bathroom getting ready for our family dinner celebration Mr 6 had found my hair product and was smudging it through his brothers hair explaining “you have to do this to look sexy for the ladies”. And last week we saw a wedding party having their portraits taken in the park Mr 3 gasped when he saw the bride “oh mum I just love her dress” then as the bride and groom embraced he followed up with “maybe they’re going to have sex”. Where does he get this from? I’m blaming older brother’s school influence!

  3. Maxabella

    I don’t need to explain sexy as we have the Badoo around. She informed all of us that sexy means your boobs stick out.

    Gotta keep a very tight rein on that one… x

  4. Jodi Gibson

    I am so bad at ‘the hard questions’. A good response is always “Ask your Father”. (joking of course)

  5. River

    I never got that question from my kids, they must have learned all about sexy from their friends at school.

  6. Bri

    Yup that very same song inspired a discussion about “sexy” with Miss 6.

    As I read your post I was waiting for you to say Mr 6 told you that when he got older he might like BOYS! : )

    My brother is gay so I am always really conscious of the “when you get older and you find (insert gender) attractive” statements. It’s a real and constant challenge to my socially conditioned heteronormativity. Hmmm… I might write a post about that very topic…

    • allison tait

      Didn’t even think about that. One bridge at a time for me Bri, one bridge at a time.

  7. Alex Carlton

    I had the EXACT conversation, also inspired by the ‘sexy’ lin in Gagnum Style, with my Mr6. Exact. Facsimile.

  8. katepickle

    I had a similar moment a few years back when I heard my twins calling each other sexy…. I asked them what they thought it meant and they both said ‘cool’.
    I wavered for a moment and then said ‘well technically it means that you want have sex with someone, as in make a baby, because you think they are sexy’…. they both looked at me in disgust and said “oh no Mum it doesn’t mean that at all!”

    • allison tait

      LOL. Oh, I’m glad we didn’t get that far down the road…

  9. Emily

    I like how you did it. Would playing a really bad Melissa Tkautz song count as ‘discussing the definition of sexy’?

  10. Green Mama

    At our school the kids sing ‘chips and gravy!’

  11. Angels have Red Hair

    That sounds like an excellent definition of sexy.

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