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Posted on February 1, 2013

Mr6 is underwhelmed by his first few days of Grade One. I asked him what he did yesterday.

“Ohhhh,” he sighed. “First we put our lunchboxes in the tub, then we learned some stuff. Then we coloured in a picture of someone – God, I think. Then we learned some stuff. Then we had recess. Then we learned some stuff. Then we had lunch. Then we learned some stuff. Then we finally got to go home.”

“Goodness,” said I. “That’s a lot of learning.”

He sighed again. “Do you know what the worst part is? Every time we learned something, we had to sit down at our desks. We hardly get to move around at all anymore.”

The lament of every boy in every classroom in Australia.

“It must be good to be in grade one, though,” I said, looking for positives. “You’re not the smallest in the school anymore.”

Another sigh.

“I thought we’d be bigger,” he said. “But those new kindy kids are almost as big as we are. Last year, the grade ones were much bigger than us. How come we’re not much bigger than this year’s kindy kids?”

Perspective is everything.


  1. Ceallach

    My Mr6 came back full of love and happiness after his first few days. He loves being in Year 1, and is in a class with lots of his good friends from Kindy. I’m crossing my fingers, toes and ovaries that the good cheer continues all year.

  2. Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    Oh all the organizing involved with Grade 5 is making my head spin! They’re off to camp already next week…..and I’m sure she was only a newborn last week! Must be my old age kicking in.

  3. Claire Hewitt

    You seem to get a lot more out of your grade oner then me.
    I got.

    “We didn’t do anything. ALL DAY. Just sat on the mat”

    Then she asked me to make a calendar of how many days til Easter!

  4. Kim

    Brilliant! xK

  5. Seana Smith

    The twins are full of joy to be in Year 1 and they think they have grown huge.

    But my heart sank a little for my Mr13 who’s started Year 8. “Every single boy has grown huge, except me.’ And it’s true… he’s still on the cusp of the great change for teens and he hasn’t grown much. I try to reassure him that he will, he’s like his dad who only sprouted when he was 15.

    Poor stuck in the middle, his big brother and wee brother are both tall for their age and always have been. Luckily his brain is by far the fastest. And he’s halfway through his second novel Allison, the carnage is startling.

  6. Lucy Mulvany

    This could be Lexie, word for word. She is in a composite class of Year 1’s and 2’s, & I fear she expected it to be almost like being a uni student. But it’s not.

    (Charlie, on the other hand, is back with his “awesome” mates, playing some “awesome” Star Wars games, and is on an “awesome” cricket team.)

    And Olivia has come home on day 2 with an itchy head. Oh the joys!


  7. therhythmmethod

    We just dropped our Mr 6 off for his first day. I’m sure he’ll be fine, although will feel odd wearing pants and shoes. He’s been half nude since Christmas.

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