A goal without a plan…

Ahem. *Clears throat*

First blog post for 2013 and my voice feels a little rusty. Doesn’t take much to get out of the habit, now does it?

I’ve used my two weeks off to think long and hard about my goals for this year.

Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve used my two weeks off to drink wine, hang out with friends and family, take my boys to the beach, finish my experimental children’s book manuscript, eat too much, open presents, visit the Alexander the Great exhibition at the Australian Museum, do a little shopping, read several books and, for the most part, not think about goals of any description.

But that first sentence sounded much more impressive, right?

The truth is that I do need to clarify my thoughts about what I’d like to achieve this year. I am even considering dragging out the butcher’s paper and drawing a mind map or something. I have friends who do this on a regular basis and it seems to work well for them. My goals tend to be along the lines of ‘I might write a book this year’ or ‘Maybe I’ll try… X’. This approach has also worked quite well for me, but I feel as though I lost my way a bit in 2012. Too much waft. Not enough outcome.

So my goal for 2013, at this stage, can be clarifed as such: “Work smarter, not harder.”

Quite how I will manage this is yet to be decided. But I’m going to talk to some people, make some decisions, Google stuff. You know. Because I know that a goal without a plan is a dream. Even if I don’t know who first said that.

I’ve got some amazing things happening this year – my first novel, Talk of The Town, is on its way, for starters, and I’ll be speaking at two different conferences later in the year. As far as the Fibro is concerned, I’m hoping to bring back the Facebook chats, bring you more industry information and writing tips, and write a post about the dust on my sideboard (just for Jodi). Bet you can’t wait!

I’m moving into my fourth year of blogging at the Fibro and, you know what, I think this might be the best year yet!

So tell me, do you have a goal for 2013? And what’s your plan to achieve it?

photo credit: Jungle_Boy via photopin cc